How to change app icons on Yahoo toolbar?

I have added websites that have an icon in my favorites list but they do not show when added to Yahoo toolbar. How can I change the app icon if possible? Also, how can I access the website's icon to save it to my PC and make it the app icon?

The Yahoo toolbar built-in apps have icons supplied by Yahoo. You can't change them. The Yahoo custom apps that you create will try to use the favicon of the web site or you can choose an icon from the list supplied by Yahoo. You can not add to the list. The following wiki article talks about favicons: There are times when Yahoo can't detect the favicon and you get a default icon that looks like a star. What you see is what you get (WYSIWG). I already indicated that you can't supply your own icon to the Yahoo list of icons. If you want to make a suggestion to Yahoo, click the gear icon at the end of the Yahoo toolbar, click Share Your Ideas. My personal opinion is don't waste your time.

How to get favorites back on the top bar?

How do I fix my tool bar. I want favorites back.

Right click under the address bar and choose the option that gets Favorites. or If you see a small star in the upper right of your screen, click on it. or Click on VIEW at the top of your screen and find the option for your toolbar.

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