How to delete all history ?

My computer is broken and I need to get my sister to call someone to fix it, but I think she'll ask the guy to look through my history. I know how to delete history from the browser, but I know its not truly gone. Its somewhere on my hardrive right? Anyways, I need to delete it because I have a facebook and Tumblr and a 4chan and im not supposed to have any of those. What do I do??? I really don't want to get in trouble.

ha 4chan

How to kill time in between employments?


I am in between my employments and I find the time of two weeks too hard to kill.

Can someone tell me a nice pass time?

A great way to kill time is to go to the gym or run. During employments most people dont have the time or energy to do such so between employments would be a perfect time and productive rather than watching tv or something like that.

How to delete history out of the address bar in Internet Explorer?

I delete my recent history but when I start to type in a website the recent sites shows up in the address bar. How do I delete the websites from my address bar?

So, you're going to want to open Internet Explorer and go into Tools > Internet Options > Content, and click on the Autocomplete settings. Autocomplete feature is what is making these sites show up, so you will want to uncheck the box for "address bar". Does this fix your problem? Cheers, Kyler IE Outreach Team

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