How to remove photo albums that invaded my yahoo group account?

I joined 3 yahoo groups. They are clean and normal. But there are very dirty, repulsive gay pornographic photo albums that came into my account. I am so sick of them that I don't want to open the home pages of the 3 groups anymore. I have no idea how them got in and I cannot get rid of them. I hope someone can tell me how to remove them. This will help me to cleanse any future invasions too. Thanks.

Your question is rather confusing, since when you join a yahoo group, it has nothing to do with your yahoo Account other than you'd get e-mail from the group. It's unclear just where the offensive photo's are, or what type groups they are. If they're not adult category groups, it's againest TOS for such photo's to be posted and the group owner may or may not be aware of them, but you'll not be able to delete them if you didn't post them. To contact the group owner, their default address is on th right side of the group under Group E-mail Addresses, the last address. You can also report the group as well if it's not in an adult category

How to get time zone and reminders to work on new calendar?

When I go to calendar it says time zone is GMT (Dublin, Edinborough etc). If I go to Options and change it to Eastern Standard and go back, it still says GMT. It also randomly changes the times of events on the calendar. Finally, we have not gotten any reminders at all since it was switched to the new calendar. This is not workable for our group.

Yahoo Reps answer questions here, plus many have posted helpful info as well issues and FAQ&topicname=Upcoming+upgrade+of+Yahoo%21+Groups+Calendar

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