How to shut down your yahoo answers account?

I am tired of all the rude people and rude comments and I want to shut the entire thing down, how do I do this?

You can't actually shut down an Answers account. All you can do is to terminate your entire Yahoo! (email and all) account and even them the content on Answers will not be removed. However I hope you don't mind me saying this, I took a look at your answers and please reconsider. You give really great answers and ones which a lot of people can really benefit from. It would be a travesty if someone like you was going to walk away due to being disenchanted by the rude & ignorant minority that infest Answers and choose to obliterate it with crass comments. If you need someone to blow some steam off to (and maybe help remove some of those comments which are causing this) then please feel free to send me an email (email function is enabled on my profile).

How to look at all the questions you answered on iPod touch?

It will only show 5 or so questions I answered on my iPod, and that's the same with my questions. How can I search them all?

am sorry buddy, i don't know if its just me but i have absolutely no clue what you are talking about

How to give ten points to the Best Answer?

I asked this question earlier but i accidentally said stars not points. So thank you for answering i will give ten points to the person who answers with a detailed answer.
Thank you.

'...What is "Vote as Best Answer?" ID: SLN4195Refers to: Answers Resolution Yahoo! Answers is unique in that the Asker or the Answers community can pick the best answer to a question. Think of it as something between a message board and a user-generated information repository like Wikipedia. When a question is asked, it initially remains open to receive answers for 4 days, but can be extended at any time to remain open for a total of 8 days. If one or more answers are collected, the Asker can either pick the best answer after 1 hour or extend the open period for four additional days to allow more time for answers to be posted. If the Asker takes no action to resolve the question, the answers are automatically put to a vote by the community, along with a No Best Answer choice. If a question doesn't receive any answers, the question expires and is deleted. A question becomes a Resolved Question when a Best Answer is chosen. After a question becomes Resolved it stays in Yahoo! Answers and is available for searching and browsing*. The Best Answer remains open to receive comments and ratings from the community. Because questions don't remain open for answers indefinitely, a Best Answer will represent only the “best” of those answers posted during the 8-day period as determined by the Asker or the community vote, and may not be a complete or accurate answer. It's important to remember that Resolved Questions are written by Yahoo! users, not experts hired by Yahoo!. (Please see our Answers disclaimer.) *Resolved questions can still be reported and deleted if the question or the Best Answer is in violation of the Community Guidelines or the Terms of Service. Last updated: July 17, 2012..."

How to get to a Level 3 on yahoo answers?

I obviously saw the criteria, but I'm not sure if its saying ask more questions or answer more? Or is it based on questions/answers/...& responses? & if so how many do I need for each minimum to get to Level 3?

You need 1000 points to get to level 3. Here is a list of what point are needed for each level on Yahoo! Answers: Level 1> 1 - 249 points (You start at this Level) Level 2> 250 - 999 points (250 total points to reach this Level) Level 3> 1,000 - 2,499 points (1000 total points to reach this Level) Level 4> 2,500 - 4,999 points (2500 total points to reach this Level) Level 5> 5,000 - 9,999 points (5000 total points to reach this Level) Level 6> 10,000 - 24,999 points (10,000 total points to reach this Level) Level 7> 25,000 points + (25,000 total points to reach this Level) ********************************* How do you earn points: -->Answer a question: + 2 points -->Have your answer selected as the best answer: + 10 points -->Choose a best answer for your question: +3 points -->Vote for a best answer: + 1 point -->Log in to Yahoo! Answers: +1 point -->Receive a "thumbs-up" rating on a best answer that you wrote (up to 50 thumbs-up are counted): + 1 point (per "thumb up") How do you lose points: -->Ask a question: - 5 points -->Deleting an answer: - 2 points -->Violation of the Community Guidelines: - 10 points -->The proposed appeal rejected: - 10 points Take care.

How to send my question to yahoo administrators?

my account has been blocked from sending out/forwarding messages for several days with reason "suspicious activities". I never had any complains about this matter. What can I do to restore my account to normal?

Yahoo statement on temporary suspension.Here are a few areas to consider: Have you noticed anything unusual that might suggest to you that someone else is using your account? If so, change your password on the Account Info page. You’ll be asked to sign in before proceeding. In the first section of the page, click Change Password and follow the instructions. Did you send or receive many attachments in a short period of time? If so, try deleting some of the emails you sent or received in a short period of time in your Inbox or Sent folder. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. During the suspension, you have access to all email in your Inbox, personal folders and Sent folder, and to your Mail Options. You will not be able to send or receive mail or save any drafts. Email sent to your account will bounce back to the sender.

How to post a picture to instagram without cropping?

I want to show the whole picture on instagram ibstaed of cropping how do i do that?

You Cant It Makes you Crop Your photo Before it posts

How to reply to a person that answered your Queston on Yahoo answers?

Someone who answered my question asked a question in it and I don't kno how to reply

Y!A is not a chat room. It is a knowledge-seeking site in a question & answer format. You have three options: You can go to the user's profile & see if they accept IMs and/or emails. If so (and you allow them too) you can contact them that way. You can make 'comments' when you pick your Best Answer. You can use the 'add details' function to add additional information to make your question more complete or understandable. Be careful what you add though, you don't want to have your question reported as a chatting violation. :o)

How to delete questions and answers from yahoo answers profile?

How do I delete questions I've asked/ answered on yahoo answers from my profile?

Above you avatar there are 3 links to set things and look there. Chetak

How to put a picture on my yahoo answers account?

How do I put a picture on my yahoo answers account? I don't want and avatar but an actual picture and I'm on my iPod so how do I do it from here?

Go to, click on the exclamation mark above your username - choose a jpeg or png file you want to use as your avatar from your own harddrive, click "open". Afaik it can only be done by using a real computer, not by using an iPod - but I can't verify that because I don't have an iPod.

How to deleta a question on yahoo answers?

How to delete your own question, can I do it even though it has been 24hrs, if so how?

If it is in voting or resolved, you can not, you must write to the team at and explain why, it has to be legitimate, like personal information or a violation Open question you click edit, then delete the question(the pencil icon)

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