How to make my american xbox 360 work in europe?

I am going to europe with my ntsc xbox 360 and i know the voltage is diff there.Now is there a way to make my xbox work in europe,what do i need to buy and such.thanks!

In order to run a different voltage machine, you need to buy a power transformer which changes the voltage for your power socket. It has nothing to do with NTSC or not, but voltage differences ( step up or down ).

How to get followers on a new blog on Tumblr?

So I made a new blog on Tumblr but it has members instead of followers! What's that about? Can I change it?

It doesn't have followers instead of members, it has both. Members serve a different purpose entirely, and is only if you want other people to help run the blog with you. If you want to do it on your own, then just ignore that part. Every secondary blog has the member function, and no, you cannot change it.

How to transfer data from one 360 hard drive to another?

I bought a 4GB Xbox 360 and soon found that I wouldn't have enough room to save lots of game data, download DLC, movies, music, etc. I then bought a 250GB hard drive and I need to know how to transfer my current data from the 4GB to the new 250GB hard drive. One 360, two hard drives.

buy a flash drive.... 4 gb ones r like 20 bucks. stick all the stuff on there then plug it into the 250 gb one. there r usb plugs on the back.... BUT before u do anything if u had live before u can recover aaaalllll of ur old stuff by recovering ur gamertag through microsoft online and u won't have to do anything.

How to put how many people are looking at your tumblr on your blog?

I want to put it on my tumblr, like I want it to say. For exmaple. (2) people.

tumblr won't let you unless you follow me

How to submit my blog to several social bookmark website at one time?

Is there any shortcut to submit my articles in my blog to various social bookmark websites at one time? instead of submit them one by one, it's very time-consuming.Thank you.

I have a blog directory that you can add your blog to for free.

How to delete comment that I have approved to published on blogger?

Someone left me a comment on my blogger. I have clicked to publish the comment. Now I wish to delete this comment. How do I do that?

First you need to go to your post where the comment is published. Go to the comments. When you see the comments you will see a dustbin type image over there , click it and then you will be able to delete it. If you like the Answer you will love the blog

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