How to you perform a flip bump? Atm my body just freezes and i get scared. What can I do to get over this?

I can do a forward roll no problem, but for some reason however hard I try I just cant seem to get my body to do the flip bump? Its something to do with doing the bump from a height I imagine?

Like the first answer said, get a soft surface to land on to get your body used to doing that move. It's not natural to fall from that height to land flat on your back so you have to train your body to know that you can do it without hurting yourself. Use a swimming pool or a trampoline if you have any available. When you're comfortable doing the move there then move on to mats and the ring itself.

How to not get a erection in wrestling tights?

I signed up for my highschools greco roman Wrestling team and I am scared that I might get a random errection in tights! That would be so embarrasing also there are hot cheerleaders and they do not help at all! Also can I wear a Tight underarmour T Shirt under my tights?

First off yes the tight shirt will be fine as long as it is tight to the body. as for the erection problem......... I wrestled for 9 years and it WILL happen so best advice is to prepare for it by coming up with a comical diffuser. To be honest as long as you're not constantly jamming in into your opponent no one will even notice or care. **EVERYONE gets erections on the mat, so EVERYONE knows what you're going through and thinking.*** and if they say otherwise they ARE LYING!!!

How to make creative and fun state locker signs for high school wrestlers?

So I have been doing locker signs for our wrestlers all season and I'm drawing a blank on coming up with state locker signs. I want them to stand out in the hallway and be really creative. So any ideas on what to write/say on them or how to make them really creative would be greatly appreciated.
We are the Thunderbirds or t-birds if you want to shorten it and our school colors are Navy and Gold.

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How to do good on hydration test?

I am wrestling this year, its my first and I'm a high school sophmore. I am over the wait class I need, so what are some tips to do good in it?

f@g brogue kick loves to be gang banged

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