How to tell the difference between possesive pronouns & possesive determiners?

For example "our"
I know it's a pronoun but how is it a prounoun as opposed to being a determiner?
Is it determined by the sentence it's in? If so, how? & the sentence is
"Our patients depend on us."

"Our" is not a possessive pronoun. The possessive pronouns are mine, yours, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs and whose. A pronoun can/will stand alone....The cell phone is mine...Ours is the house on the corner. "mine" and "ours" are possessive pronouns. The example you give shows "our" as a possessive adjective...also called a possessive determiner. It's an adjective because it is describing someone, somewhere, or something....Whose patients? Our patients.

How to rewrite these sentences to get them to make sense?

For instance in my family, if we know there is someone in the community who is unwell, poor, divorced or in anyway way in bad form we try to invite them to our house for a Sabbath meal. This stands out to me because it makes people, who in ordinary situations may feel isolated, a sense of acceptance and warmth from the community.

The first sentence is fine. The second needs a word: This stands out to me because it gives people, who in ordinary situations may feel isolated, a sense of acceptance and warmth from the community.

How to cut pizza or how to cut a pizza or how to cut pizzas?

Which one is grammatically correct please?

"How to slice pizza." For the doubters: How to slice a pizza (video):

How to use the word entity in a sentence?

I already know the definition of entity, but I can not wrap my mind around how to use it in a sentence. Can anyone explain it to me?

en·ti·ty (nt-t) n. pl. en·ti·ties 1. Something that exists as a particular and discrete unit: Persons and corporations are equivalent entities under the law. 2. The fact of existence; being. 3. The existence of something considered apart from its properties. The entity appeared to be of a ghostly rendition of my great grandfather.

How to choose the appropriate bikin to yourself?

Do you have some difficults to buy the bikini for yourself. Somebody will say yes. I also have a confusion in this area.I like the one Sequins Sexy Party Dress and the other one Red Sequin Zipper Cami Mini Dress. Can you give me some advice,many thanks

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How to remember an extensive list of vocabulary and not forget any?

My mind tend to freeze and forget some words I've previously learnt? Is there anyways I can remember all the words? Is saying a word constantly in everyday speech a good idea?

Before you start to revise make sure you are in tip top condition! Attend to your sleep - solid deep sleep. Keep physically fit - walk, exercise, run. Eat well - a varied diet is good for your brain. When you are in good physical and mental shape begin revision! The vocabulary - is it in sections? Are there different sub headings like verbs, nouns, adjectives? Split them up into easy chunks if they'e a jumble so al your nous are together, verbs etc etc. Can you do this or do have to learn them in a pre set order? OK next thing is to get down and learn them!! This is the basic method - Hard work is the key! As a drama teacher I know there is one true way to learn and remember - keep at it and be consistent. Build up day after day with repeats and have someone with you ideally for moral support and guidance. Spend 10 minutes going through what you want to learn, read a small chunk of vocabulary, repeating out loud if you want. Put the book down and try to recall what you've read. Don't worry if you miss the odd word. Repeat the exercise. 10 minutes read, book down,recall. A friend can prompt you if you can't remember, or look at the vocab again. Have a break for feedback. Increase the time to 15 minutes, same method. Say the words out loud so you hear them and they should 'stick' better. Do not stop your revision for any length of time. You need to sleep obviously but revise day after day and don't have a day off! It's all about building layer after layer. If you work at it you'll remember!

How to learn sophisticated vocabulary and how to apply it to my song writting?

I like how bad religion uses so much sophisticated vocabulary and they have more options to find a rhyme because they know more vocabulary, so my question is how can i learn sophisticated vocabulary? reading what a dictionary? and how can i apply it to my lyrics for song writting like bad religion does?

Studying a thesaurus with a dictionary at hand would help you more. A thesaurus lists synonyms and alternative meanings and the dictionary would give you a more precise depiction of what a word means and how it can be used. Write down your idea and then employ the thesaurus to find alternate words with similar meanings; then pare down your "possibles" by using the dictionary to pick the word with the most accurate meaning for what you mean. Good luck. Practice makes perfect. .

How to persuade my roomate to come out more?

My roomate is shy and stuff, and she never comes out to parties or anywhere else. She goes to class, then studies, work then studies and she has no fun! How can I get her out of her shell to enjoy college?

just let her do her thing, the more uncomfortable you make her, the more she'll avoid have interactions with people, i know you want to help, but she's probably just wants to do good in school.

How to distinguish general and specific sentences?

Hello, I need your help! If you help me, I'll learn definite article. Please to explain me how to distinguish specific and general sentences?

General sentences do not specify information such as name of person or place etc, dates and lacks details. For example, 'Someone was busy.' It doesn't say who the someone is and what the person is busy doing. It's vague. Specific sentences provide details. For example, 'The new teacher Mr. Andrew was busy checking his students' essays on current environmental issues'. In this sentence, the someone has been specified (name, job) and what he's busy doing has been clarified.

How to know which postposition I should use after this verb?

I am not sure how to google this. How do I know which one to use with this verb? Basically is it proper to say: "contributes to encouraging" or "contributes in encouraging"???

Like in the sentence "the mentoring contributes to encouraging self-esteem in the children..." or "the mentoring contributes in encouraging self-esteem in the children..." ???

Thank you for your help!

1. the mentoring contributes to encouraging self-esteem in the children... 2. the mentoring contributes in encouraging self-esteem in the children... There's a subtle difference in meaning between the two sentences. The phrase "contributes in" sounds as though the contributing is incidental, unplanned but welcome nevertheless. The phrase "contributes to" sounds like a more systematic, planned event. To be honest, I'd word the sentence as follows: Mentoring helps to boost the children's self-esteem Mentoring contributes towards the development of the children's self-esteem Mentoring contributes by encouraging the children to develop self-esteem Mentoring makes a contribution to the encouragement of the children's self-esteem

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