How to make really good coffee?

Hey, how can I make good coffee using a drip coffee maker? I only use Starbucks ground coffee, I don't grind my own beans. I do use filter water, I use 2 tbs for every 6floz of water. I don't use any special equipment, I only use a drip coffee maker. My coffee comes out too dark and it's really nasty even when I add cream and sugar. How can I really maker my coffee taste good?

I take 2 or 3 different blends(roasts) of coffee and mix them together. When you have a dark roast and a lighter roast mixed together it makes a smoother blend. Starbucks roast tend to be a little bitter and strong if not made correctly. I would try reducing the amount of coffee you are adding to start with.Instead of 2 tbs try 1 for the next pot you make. Some like it stronger than others do.

How to stop getting ridiculously wasted every weekend?

I live a stressful life busy with finishing senior year and all and i like to relax on friday night. It starts with one drink then by the end of the night im always puking, passing out and making a joke out of myself and doing stupid things. Ive tried so many times to control it by not even drinking but somehow i always end up drinking and in large amounts. Do you think i have a problem? What should i do? This needs to end.

I have a list that should be of great help to you in your quest to reach a proper level of drinking sanity. 1. Never drink too much alcohol. Learn what is your limit and stay below it. 2. You may have to face the fact that you are one of the unlucky ones that can't cope with alcohol responsibly. 3. Learn how smart people drink or stop altogether.

How to feel drunk without actually consuming alcohol?

I am on Prozac which is an antidepressant for anxiety and ever since I started taking it I have been to scared to drink due to the various conspiracies that drinking while on Prozac can be deadly. I am also a very introverted and shy person and so I struggle to enjoy myself when I'm not drunk. Any suggestions would help, thank you.

May be you are not even good with cannabis .So i would suggest you to smoke Arabic sheesha or Swedish snus.Because they contain high level of nicotine which can make you dizzy if you are new at it. So just give a goo for sheesha as its safer and tastes good as well. Please mine also;_ylt=AmfS.1va10lZn_y5H_u2S2bsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120922052951AAnhECA

How to make money off a beer brand idea?

I have an idea for a brand of beer, but no access to my own brewery or funds to build a brewery. Are there breweries/companies that would use my brand and give me royalties? How do find these types of companies or relationships? How do I approach this problem?

Call around to local breweries and find one to work with to contract brew for you. I hope for your sake you already have a recipe and not simply an idea.

How to make flavored alcohol. Any good cigars that wont bust my wallet?

This is what I want to know. How can I make a good tasting drink using sugar and yeast? Any tips on flavoring? I was wondering if rum extract would give it a " rum" taste? Or just make any form of alcohol with decent taste. I want to see if this is possible. And compare it to other drinks. Anyway, any tips would be helpful. Thanks! PS do you guys know of any decent cigars?

you can make marrow rum, get a good sized ripe marrow, cut off the end and hollow out all the seeds, pack the cavity with raw or brown sugar and pour a sachet of activated wine yeast and the juice of an orange into the sugar then replace the top slice of marrow, slide the whole thing into the leg of an old (but clean! ) pair of tights and hang over a clean bucket for about 3 weeks. After this, make a whole in the bottom and allow to pour into a fermenting jug, fit an airlock and allow to ferment until finished, syphon and then bottle. However the simplest way is by adding soft fruits, raspberries, blackberries etc into a bottle of cheap white rum or vodka, add a little sugar and mix by turning the bottle upside down once a day, after a couple of weeks the fruit will have flavoured and coloured the booze. Sloe gin and blackberry vodka are massive faves in our house :)

How to blend tobacco for cigarettes at home?

I want to blend raw tobacco to use in my hand-rolling cigarettes. What is the procedure? Can I add suger to the blend? Is it safe to add almonds to the blend?

That is a matter of blending at different ratios being sure to make what each lot is. Later you will be able to smoke and record the best blends. Once you have selected the tobacco you just mix them in a bowl and roll just like nay other cigarette. It is better to add almond extract then the nut itself.

How to turn alcohol into ether from scratch?

I have made alcohol since I was a teen. Using sugar, fruit, water and yeast. But how does somebody turn alcohol into ether?

talk to Nas

How to acquire a taste for beer and the best to try?

I've had bud light, corona, dos x, new castle, stella artois and blue moon but it all taste the same. What's the best beer and best technique to liking beer?

There is no "best" beer. It is all about what YOU like. Remember, there are thousands of different beers in the world. IMO, the budlight and corona are pisswater beers. I always thought Stella Artois was "middle of the road" as far as taste and I didn't like blue moon. BUT...the only way to find what you like is to try different beers. might be like my wife who does not like beer at all and prefers wine, tequila, and rum. My beer preference is Grolsch, Killian's Irish Red, Guinness Draught (dark beer), and Guinness Foreign Extra (very dark beer). As far as "technique", I prefer a properly chilled beer that is properly poured into a chilled beer mug.

How to drunk a guy by adding liquor to his drinking water.?

Am going to play a prank on a friend who is not really good in drinking. He has a 1litre water bottle and we are planning to add vodka (40%) to the water and make him drink it without noticing. Just a question if our prank would work or not? And will he even notice about it? The vodka is plain Absolut one.

That's the first time I ever saw the word drunk used that way. And it sounds about as intelligent as what you're planning to do. Yes, he will probably notice that his water tastes like alcohol. If he doesn't, suppose he drives afterwards or even rides a bicycle, and has an accident, and they test him for alcohol and he tests positive? Whose fault will that be, if someone gets hurt? This is a childish and stupid idea and if your friend asked me, I'd advise him to find some new "friends".

How to get inebriated and still beat a breathalyzer?

So I've got a dance in a couple days and I would like to get drunk or just be inebriated in some manner, while still blowing a 0.00 on a breathalyzer. I really dont need any lectures on my stupidity because I will disregard anything of that nature.
I'm looking for ways that are pretty much alcohol free. As I am aware that any ingestion of alcohol will show up in a breathalyzer.

There aren't any easy ways. Mythbusters have tested all of the tricks in the books and there's nothing that gives a reading of 0 when you've been drinking. And don't think that doing alcohol through any other orifice (I don't think I need to go into more details) will avoid reading on a breathalyser. Once it gets in your blood it can be read on a breathalyser. Breathalysers are notorious for false positives, not false negatives. There are really not ways to beat a breathalyser.

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