How to list a Wikipedia category in the correct alphabetical order?

Normally it is done automatically by the system, but sometimes not. For example the article: "Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue" is listed with articles starting with "S" in the category: "Non-profit_organizations_based_in_Canada"

The default system behavior would be to list it under the R of "Royal". In this case, editors have added a special statement so that it will be listed under the S of "Search" instead, because "Search and Rescue" is the descriptive part of the organization. (I don't know exactly how to do that, though, but I know it's possible.)

How to add a creepy pasta to wikipedia?

I heard you have to click on add a page, but I cant find it. Can you tell me where it is or is there another button please tell me.

Create an accout then go to FAQs(frequently asked questions) then that will be the 1st question on there.Oh and to go to FAQs press english on the home page scroll down to help center press that. I hope that helps!

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