How to invite people to our wedding reception?

My fiancé are planning on having a private wedding with just close family but want to invite everyone to our reception. I'm just not sure how to properly word the invitations. The wedding and reception will happen the same day and only a few hours apart.
There are many reasons behind this choice one is money another is we both want a more personal ceremony.
It's not that my friends aren't important enough to make it to my wedding it that we are going to the JP and only intend to have like 10 people there if that. I want the whole celebration to only be the reception.

I think the first answer words it pretty well. And there are google examples, too. The point you want to get across is that you're getting married that day in a private ceremony, and you're inviting the person to a reception to celebrate. Also, even though this is fine by etiquette, you're going to get some questions/complaints about it. My one piece of advice is do not say it's cheaper. That's because it isn't. Officiants are a dime a dozen, and in some states even a notary public can do it. So don't use that rationale.

How to arrange a fun spa night for my gf?

I want to surprise my gf with a good spa night this Friday. I know she loves to go to spa with her female friends. Can you give some ideas?

Take her to a spa, then surprise with a candle light dinner....

How to propose to my girlfriend?

I am planning to propose to my girlfriend, we are both 23.
I am planning to do it on the night of our two year anniversary in Niagara Falls, after telling her a poem.
Is it a good idea? should I do something more? what if she says no?

Sounds cute. Thats kinda what my fiance did to propose. I just wish he had someone there to take a video or pictures of it, so maybe factor that in.. If she says no, you wait and ask her again later...

How to incorporate a High school sweetheart theme into a wedding?

The love of my life and I are tying the knot in June 2013.
We are now 22 & 23 and together since freshman year of highschool!!
I would like to add a touch of high school sweetheart without it being cheesy but still fun as we are still young!
any ideas also budget friendly would be great! (colors, centerpieces etc.)

instead of table numbers, have your school photos and other photos from your yearbook, like clubs you were in or friends who are in the bridal party. Use your high school colors as your wedding colors. Use your prom song as the reception entrance song. There's a million of things you can do.

How to request gift cards as a wedding present?

I'll be a bridesmaid next June for a close friend. She and her husband will be moving out of state two months after their wedding to attend graduate school. Because of high shipping costs, they are not planning to ship any furniture or household items to their new state -- instead, they plan to shop for new household items when they arrive. At the time of the wedding, they will not yet have an apartment in the new state, so having the guests ship each wedding gift to the new state is probably not an option.

It doesn't matter what their situation is, there is no polite way to do this. Asking for gift cards is just like asking for cash and it's rude and tacky. Just like every other couple, they graciously accept what they are given. And when they move, just like everyone else, they take their belongings with them. It doesn't cost a ton of money to rent a U-Haul. It's not the guests' responsibility to accommodate their choices and situation. Wedding gifts are at the discretion of the giver. No one has the right to ask for anything.

How to order some wedding dresses from a factory in China?

I need to buy some dresses,but there are so many factories and bargin,they are all great.

:)There are lots of wedding dresses stores in China,most is very very wonderful!! Of course,Some are not so reliable.You need to slowly looking for which you like. I think the best method is to look at their samples and enquire about the price. So, maybe you can decide which to choose. Certainly,I can also help you recommend a factory in China,their dresses is high quality but bargin.Because they are factory instead of franchise house,price is about $150.Name is elisha bridal factory .If you don't likecheap dresses,maybe you could buy from another store.The hope can help you!!!

How to say nicely to my bf/fiance' that he spends too much money to his relatives is not good?

My bf and I were on saving mode this year because were planning to get married next year. Currently on long distance relationship for about 4 months. Were both working but he earns more compared to me. We decided to save for our future when he told me don't spend too much, Then I heard him spending a lot of money buying things/materials to his relatives. Which I noticed not much important. What you guys think?

Um, I think he can do with his money what he wants. As can you do with yours. I'm not sure why you think his gifts are frivolous, you're not there, don't know them and it's none of your business. If you start harping on him now about money, you're going down the wrong road. I'm sure he is saving his share, (I guess) and the rest is his to do what he pleases. If you're concerned about his saving habit, you could ask nicely with out the gift thing in the convo and see how your wedding savings are going. If it's not going fast enough, you two need to sit down and have a serious talk about the money and who is going to do what. No harping, only discussion without emotion.

How to deal with loss of friends after they werent as supportive during wedding?

I didnt appreciate how they handled my wedding, showing up late, being non participant in the bridal party etc . So how do I move on from lost friendship without feeling bad about it. I feel a little bad because our kids are close and they miss each other. My heart breaks everytime my kids asks for their kids.

It sounds to me like you dropped them as friends because of their behaviour around your wedding. If that is the case, you are in the wrong. You should have been more forgiving: no one is obliged to be in a wedding party (especially since some brides make it expensive), and it's possible to have a legitimate excuse for being late at your wedding. Even if they didn't have a legitimate excuse, it's only one day, let it go. You should forgive them and re-start the friendship.

How to go about having a wedding on a public beach?

Will I need to speak with city officials (or someone to that effect) about using the beach? I understand that it is public and that i cant specifically reserve a spot (which is fine). Can I basically just pick a spot and set-up, or is there more to it. Any info is greatly appreciated. If location helps it will be somewhere on Mexico Beach in Florida. Thanks in advance.

Call the village or city office in which the beach is located. My friend is getting married on a beach next year and she doesn't have to have a permit, although there are some cities that is required.

How to have a father-daughter dance at wedding with two dads?

I have two dads, my legal and my biological. I'm really close to both, and I'm planning to have both walk me down the aisle. Would it be okay to just not have a father-daughter dance..? Or how can I manage to dance with both without it being awkward?

I would just not have a father daughter dance, and just make a point to dance with each of them at some point during the reception. Also, sorry this is not an answer to your questions, but REPORT this Steve character who posted the comment before this one. He has been posting the same long comment about how women need to give men more sex on every wedding question.

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