How to pick the right size wakeboard for a growing kid?

I want to buy a wakeboard for my daughter this Christmas for the next season. She is ten years old and growing. What should I consider when picking a wakeboard.

Not only is it important to have the sizing of your wakeboard match your height and weight, but also you should be aware of what your particular riding style is and the wake that you most commonly ride. Tips to Sizing a Wakeboard -

How to do your hair while jet skiing and tubing?

I can't leave it down or in a ponytail because my hair gets sooo knotted and it takes forever to brush out. So anyone who has any ideas, what can I do with my hair so it doesn't get really messy?

I usually put my hair in a simple french braid. If you don't know how to do a french braid you could try pigtail braids, starting very close to the scalp. If you can't braid at all you might try putting it in a normal ponytail but then wrap hair bands every inch or so down the length of the ponytail so it looks like it's in sections.

How to catch sharks in Florida or just in general?

Hi, first off im a little new too saltwater and have caught very few fish of decency. I have caught some though and now i would like to tackle something realllly toothy. And a shark is the only thing i could think of. Is there any keys to catching these things that anybody knows? If so do tell! The answer that looks the most legit will get 10 points.

Bathe in fish oil in Little Haiti before jumping into the Gulf. Have a trident ready.

How to prepare and skills needed to play high school water polo?

I want to know what I can do to prepare for high school freshman water polo. What skills do I need? Obviously, I know how to swim, but what techniques and swimming styles (e.g. breaststroke, butterfly) do I need to master to be good at water polo? Also, if you could provide me with an ideal height and arm span measurements for water polo for a 14 year old boy, that'd be great. Thanks in advance!

Height and arm span won't matter unless you are a goalie. A water polo workout looks like this: 200 meter warm up 100 m breaststroke 4x25 m sprints 25 m eggbeater 25 m eggbeater hands out 25 m eggbeater elbows out 25 m eggbeater arms out passing the ball shooting the ball and then whatever your team may be working on You should definitely swim a lot, the main stroke being freestyle. You should be able to swim 100 m in 90 seconds, for frosh water polo. Also, work on swimming freestyle head up, as this is how you will swim in a game. Make sure when you sprint head up that your head is straight. You can practice this by focusing on a point at the end of the pool. Also, your elbows should be nice and high, and your strokes short and choppy. Also, you need to learn eggbeater. This is mainly how you will stay afloat during the game. It's hard to explain over the internet, but this video should be helpful Once you are able to eggbeater well, try to do it hands out, elbows out, and then arms all the way outstretched. Water Polo is an intense sport, so you'll want to make sure you have strength. I'd recommend a little bit of weight lifting up to bench pressing maybe 100 lbs, depending on your size. Also, go on runs to make sure you have cardiovascular strength. NUMBER ONE THING IN WATER POLO (besides swimming) LEGS!!!! Do squats, squats with weights, run, abosultely anything you can think of to strenghten your legs. this may seem kind of spaced out, but feel free to email me with any specific questions.

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