How to tell if your getting cut from the high school volleyball team?

Well I'm in grade 10, 15 female
I have a pretty good spike
My under hand serve us good, but I can't do over hand!
My bumps are mainly accurate
My volley is accurate
I go for all balls that come to my area
I put in maximum effort
I have a good attitude at practices
And I'm sportsman like!

Given these facts think I'm going to be cut?

it acctually depends on the skill of the other team members to tell the truth but u seem pretty good :)

How to get a big butt like a volleyball player?

Please give me all the exercises and stuff that that they do. Just give me tips to get a bigger and nicer booty. Please!

It does take a while to be able to get this. I think a lot of the time you can get a bigger butt from being in your down and ready position for long periods of time. Also maybe 0 to 90's can help with your goal. Just exercises that use some of your leg and butt muscles should help with this! I hope I helped!

How to ask parents to buy compression shorts?

I play volleyball and have noticed that the majority of the kids I play with wear compression shorts. I feel kinda akward askin my parents to buy some, but they are supposed to help with ur vertical and athletic ability. How should I ask my parents?

First of all... Compression shorts won't make you a better player. They won't magically make you jump higher and run faster. That said, I wear them too. They are more comfortable and they hold your junk still when you dive and jump. Tell your parents that your balls slap the court when you dive and that the coach recommended wearing compression shorts. They will make you a little warmer, which can help and hinder depending on the pace of the game and temperature in the gym.

How to intimidate the other team while in a volleyball game?

My first volleyball game is next Tuesday and i play varsity. I would like to know any tip on how to intimidate the other team without getting in trouble by the coach or refereee. I Know one of them is stare at the other team before you serve but what are some other ones.

Also i'm really trying to get a scholarship to K-state and this will help me alot.

you wouldn't need to intimidate them if you were beating them......

How to get in the volleyball olympic trials?

How do you get in the volleyball olympic trials? And on average, how old are indoor volleyball OLYMPIC players?

I'll put this in terms of U.S. volleyball because that is what I am familiar with. The U.S. national volleyball team will compete against other teams across the world to get a spot in the olympics. A county is not 'entitled' to put a team into every sport. The athletes need to 'qualify' as you seem to already understand. You are asking, "How to get into the olympic trials?" That answer is quite simple. Be on the U.S. national womens team and compete for the U.S. in not only the olympics, but all international play. So the next question is, "Well, how do I get on the U.S. national womens team." The simple answer is... you don't, unless you are one of the 15 best volleyball players in the U.S. Your other question: "What is the average age of an olympic vball player?" Go to: Here you will see a roster. Click on an athletes name to see their age. Looking at a random sample, I saw ages of 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, and 30.

How to get in shape for volleyball, fast!?

I have played volleyball in the past but did not play this past year, and am I little out of shape. I can run a mile in about 8:40.. Which is really bad. I have volleyball try outs in one week.. Any advice to get in somewhat of decent shape for it, any tips are great.. Thank you thank you!

I think it can help you, because running is the best preparation for any games and it is the right timing because you have an upcoming try outs.

How to get a better vertical to be recruited by Division 1 colleges for volleyball?

I focus a lot on playing volleyball and I would like to be recruited by a Division 1 college. I heard that I needed to touch at least 10'1 right now I can touch about 8'8. Any tips to getting a better vertical?

Doing plyometric exercises leads to a greater vertical and quicker agility.

How to get a volleyball team out of a dead mental state?

My team started off good but after me the best player/ captain got injured and came back my team has been in a died mental state. They cant control the ball or even call for it. Plez Help!!!

I know what you mean. I was at Provincials and we lost to a team we should not have lost to and it was because we were all too tentative. Let me explain the circumstances: We were ahead 18-11 in the first game and ended up losing 23-25! Then, in the second game, they were ahead 17-10 and we ended up winning 31-29!!!! Then, in the third game, we lost 8-15!!! And it was the game that would get us into the semi-finals!!!! Soooo, I recommend you take it on yourself to make a great dig or spike that will pump everyone else up. Be happy and don't get down on yourself or anyone else. Volleyball is a sport where it is good to be loud and obnoxious. So keep cheering no matter the score, thats how we won 31-29 anyway. We kept missing our serves and hits, but certain people would still cheer like we won the point and that kept everyone going. BE THAT PERSON!!!!

How to get ready for volleyball tryouts?

I'm a freshmen and yesterday I went and tried out for my school's volleyball team. I haven't played volleyball since grade 7 and I didn't do that great at first but by the end of it I got the hang of it. Now, we have another tryout early next week, and I'd really like to make the team. Are there any tips that can help me improve my skills and whatnot? I do know all the rules, I just need some ideas on how to get ready for it at home.

Show the coaches atleast some skill, and the potential you have. One thing coaches love is heart. How hard you're willing to work. Every dig, set and hit, try your best and i bet you'll make the team

How to make the 8th grade volleyball team?

Last year in 7th grade i was really close to making the team. When i asked the coach why i didnt make it he said that there were about 4 other girls on the same skill level as you just a little bit taller. So now i have my 3rd tryout tommarow. And im not sure how i have been doing so far. Do you have any tips for me or anything i should practice?>

umm be a REALLY good passer.. practice your technique.. don't be discouraged if you aren't a hitter. because passing's the most important. make sure you're in good body position. stay low.. remember the difference between passing, and digging and serve receive. good luck :D

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