How to get back deletes messages from a windows phone ?

I accidentally deleted some texts messages that we very important to me. Does anyone how to get them back ?

there is no way you can get them back.

How to intercept or stop my parents from getting a call from my teacher and delete the voicemail secretly?

Well during school i failed a test so my teacher will be calling home. What i want to know is how can i stop my parents from finding out. Also my teacher only calls once.

Be prepared for them to actually answer the call themselves. That happens. Or maybe this time the teacher will call twice. Go ahead and face up to it now and get it over with. Getting caught trying to do what you want will be worse.

How to stop my voice going shaky when I am nervous?

When I am nervous, for example when I have to read something out in class, I get really nervous and my voice goes all shaky and strange. Can anyone help please?

yea I'm exactly the same,when you read something out in front of the class just don't look at people.focus on something on the wall,a picture or somethin I heard it helps

How to make my mic only record my voice?

When doing a "Let's Play" or voice acting etc, I need my microphone to pick up my voice loud and clear. I use a C01U Samson microphone and when recording using Audacity, It not only picks up my voice, but it also picks up the whirring noise my computer makes in the backround. Is there any way of making my microphone only pick up my voice or something that allows me to be heard without any annoyances in the backround? Help would be greatly appreciated.

maybe... go in a quiet room and speak louder

How to sign when your voice is ruined?

I've screamed a lot in my life because of my temper and I think my voice is totally ruined. Is there a way to fix it again?
I really want to sing and no I can't find a vocal teacher it would freak me out cause I'm so bad at singing.

I'm not trying to ruin your dream , but some people just can't sing , Lotsof people want to sing but they are a disaster , and if your voice is terrible there's nothing you can do , it's even hard to sing when you have a great voice , there are a lot of poeple out there who want to sing , and having a ruined voiced won't help you at all , I like to be sincere and realistic and I know you have no chance , sorry , but someone has got to say the truth , so you won't get even more hurt in the future

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