How to not get angry over online video games?

I used to play games like Call of Duty, Company of Heroes, ect. And whenever I lost I would get SUPER angry off. I mean so angry off that I punch my computer. How can I stop myself from getting so angry? I've gotten better at it, but I still get angry.

Do not listen to those people telling you not to play. That is way overboard if you play as much as I do. I used to get really mad at video games too, uspecially cod. I myself found this was a pretty silly problem as I consider used to be a calm guy. So I just made a sort of rule of whenever I would do bad I would think if there was another game I could play. If it was yes, then oh, I was real mad, but most of the time it was no and I remembered that I play the game for fun, not for prestiges, or kdr, or rankings. At least that's what worked for me, I think it just gets better with experience. On the other hand, if it doesn't its not like this is life changing, it a game, so what you will with it.

How to get my minecraft tekkit server popular?

I just created a server, that I'm building up slowly, but so far, only my friends have joined. I need a way of advertising, to attract anyone who has tekkit. Not many people even know what it is! What are some strategies to get more players?

1. Give rewards to your players if they invite players. 2. Post your server here and players will know that your server exist: Voting (with votifier); Video: Forums: 3. Social websites like twitter, facebook (make a facebook page). Or create your own website and host it for free on 4. Advertise your server on other servers. Beware of getting banned :L

How to get into to the slytherin common room on Pottermore?

You press continue, then it shows a brick wall. How do you get past it?

You have to make polyjuice potion in order to gain entry into the Slytherin common room :) There's a video tutorial on GryffinRoar if you need help

How to fix a glitch in Fifa13 where the ball is invisible?

Everytime i try and start a match the ball is invisible. It stays like that the full game, it's so annoying, anyone else had this and can you fix it?

Yes turn off your console. Delete save data FIFA file

How to get full ammo for a stinger on Bf3 at beginning of round?

Like, when I start a round at bf3 sometimes it will give me all 6 missles for the stinger or any other launcher. Then at most of the time it will only give me 4, and 3 for a stinger. Can anyone tell me how to get it all the time?

The default load is three missiles (one ready, two standby). If you have the EXPL specialization equipped, or a squadmate has SQD EXPL active, you will get three more missiles. EXPL also affects your other engineer rockets, C4 and Claymores for Support.

How to crate conquer online private server with pirates or monks included ?

Hi ! I need some help to create conquer online private server with monk or pirates inclded. Can someone link me a guide plz or give me the source.

Thanks !

The link was broken.sorry.

How to set a server in Minecraft for just yourself and a friend?

My buddy wants Minecraft on the PC so we can play together online. Thing is, how would we be able to set up a server to where we can just both play regular survival?

Honestly I would suggest you just play on an online server that is already set up. If you want send me a message and I can link you to one I really enjoy. But if you are still determined, you will have to download the minecraft server.exe from, run it and then change the ports and give your friend the I.P. You can find these things in the file of your server folder. I have no idea how to figure out what a port should be, but you can find and enter your I.P. using many I.P. finders on the web. Just google one. And you will need to change server-port= server-ip= Alternatively you can use a hosting site such as Mcprohosting, but those will cost you monthly.

How to level my fishing skill in world of warcraft? And where to fish more?

My character is still a new account in the world.

Fishing in any water in a starting area will allow you to level your fishing to level 50 if you are a starter in world of warcraft. If you are Horde, one of the best ways to make money from fishing is by catching Deviate Fish in the Barrens at the Oasis. Deviate Fish and sell in the auction house. A way of helping you avoid fish getting away is fishing lure. Maybe you are so lucky to have the recipe drop for Savory Deviate Delight and make a nice amount of gold from the cooked fish. You can fish at some places along the coast. In order to catching special kind of fish, it is important for fishing bobber lands in the Tastyfish school. Catch forty Tastyfish and turn them into Fishmaster Bassbait in Booty Bay if you want to get a great prize, but you must be the first one finish it.

How to stop video game addiction for borderlands 2?

I've been playing this game on the xbox 360 and its getting far too addicting for me to handle. I spend countless hours progressing through the game, and have yet to actually finish it. It is pathetic, because when I am not playing I am thinking of it. How do I stop getting addicted?

Break it in half. Get a girlfriend (she'll hit the power button real quick :P) Get out of the house and DO SOMETHING. Fill the void of not playing with new activities. It will take time but you can get thru it.

How to unlock the zombie maps on black ops?

Ok I have 3 maps unlocked and I would really like to unlock the others without payin for them. Is there any way to unlock them with paying for them?

You can always file share with a friend that has already bought the map pack. You will have to set up and existing user account on your PlayStation 3. After thats finished you go to the persons downloads and simply download it onto your console. Once the download is finished you can go back onto your account and you will be able to use the map packs. Keep in mind that the person who file shares with you can only do it 5 times. So make sure not to delete their account afterwards. I don't know how this works on Xbox because I don't have one. Hopefully you have a PS3.

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