How to get into Venice when staying outside the city?


I've booked a holiday to Venice in September, and I'm staying close to Marco-Polo Airport, so not in the city itself (due to it being MUCH cheaper). I've a water bus service from the airport to the main island, but that only works as one round trip; don't want to spend that much everyday! The plan being to go into Venice most days. What does anyone suggest to cheaply get in and out of the city everyday? Cheers.

If you're staying close enough to the airport to get there conveniently, you can take the bus from the airport to Piazzale Roma. The ATVO buses run directly to Piazzale Roma in about 20 minutes for 5 euro (9 euro for a return ticket). Schedules here: There is also the Aerobus run by ACTV which has several stops along the way to Piazzale Roma and may be convenient for your hotel depending on where it is: - you want the schedule & map for land route Route urbana 5. this is 5 euro each way. I would recommend that you ask your specific hotel where to get the bus.

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