How to transition from vegetarian to a vegan diet?

I've been vegetarian for about 10 years and lately have been looking into a vegan diet. I've been slowly switching already but is there any way to make it easier? Which ingredients should I look for on food labels? Thanks!

This video moves a lot of people from Vegetarian to vegan. It's a must watch as it's quite eye opening. You can learn more about veganism at (Awesome organization that focuses on leafleting) (Has "We Love Subway" campaign.") (Amazing sanctuary for animals) (World's First Vegan Society) (Brilliant website with a lot of interesting articles and information) Buy some non dairy milks if you want to include some sort of milk product in your diet. You are bound to find one you like out of many choices of soy, rice, almond, hemp, oat, coconut, hazelnut, walnut, grain, sunflower, and flax milk. You should even try some delicious Vegan cheeze called Daiya. Awesome vegan cheez. ++ Daiya: Also check out Peta's accidentally vegan page. You are more than welcome to join us on veggieboards (an all vegetarian forum) If you need any more guidance Good Search it or message me.

How to convince my parents to let me become a vegetarian?

I do not want to eat meat anymore. I just saw my dog slaughter a bunny, and the thought of eating meat disgusts me. I asked my parents about it, and they said no because its too expensive. I am very serious about this, and they dont believe me. How can I convince them?

You can offer to cook your own dinner meals. I had to do this when I wanted to be a vegetarian, because since my mom didn't want to make 3 different dinners every night. (allergies and picky eaters in the house as well) It doesn't HAVE to be more expensive, depending on what you buy. Yves veggie burgers are about $5 for 4 of them. But you can get bulk "veggie meat" for cheaper and shape it into your own burgers/ meatballs. If you eat A LOT of fruits and vegetables, those are not super expensive. Also,spaghetti is cheap and you would just have to make your own meat-free sauce. I applaud your decision to become vegetarian. It actually reduces your carbon footprint by a TON!! If you have trouble sticking to it think "How're you going to change the world if you can't change yourself?" However my opinion is the only thing I dislike more than eating meat is WASTING meat. Because the animal went through all that just to be thrown away. So if your parents put meat on your plate I wouldn't suggest refusing to eat it. But keep telling them you don't want to eat it. If you watch and show them the movie "Food INC." they might want to be vegetarians too!

How to tell my parents I want to be a vegetarian?

I've wanted to be a vegetarian for a while now. I love animals. Today i was out to dinner with my family and a conversation came up about eating lobster. My dad said he couldn't make it himself because he couldn't kill it. So he seems like he understands and would be fine with me being a vegetarian. I just don't know how to bring it up because im not really close to my parents to talk to them about anything like that. So if anyone can help me I'd be grateful. Thanks.
I'm 13.

You're exactly me. I was thinking of being a vegetarian for the most of last winter, I watched Earthlings (to see how are we ruining animals' lives), a movie Ellen DeGeneres said that made her vegan, and I regretted eating meat of any kind again (I don't like seafood that much, so that wasn't a problem). I'm gonna tell you my own experience; I'm not really friend-like with my parents, too. I finally told my mom and she said not all the animals suffer that badly and called it absurd but it was my idea and decision, she said to me to become one after I leave for college next fall. So I waited because I couldn't make a meal for myself. But as time passed she got used to the idea and she said she told my dad after he was curious why I wasn't eating pastrami anymore. I thought he was going to make a huge deal out of it but the subject hasn't come up, but I'm still waiting for that tornado. :D So, it's hard to tell your parents if they are avid meat lover but your dad seems more sensitive than mine. Mine is a doctor and still thinks vegetarianism is unhealthy. (It's a fact that vegetarians/vegans on a balanced diet lives longer and healthier than meat eaters.) Just be ready to defend your case, don't get emotional and don't put your parents in a guilty place for eating meat. I suggest you to read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, it turned Natalie Portman from a vegetarian to a vegan, I could hardly read some of the parts, almost cried and was ashamed of my humanity. By the way, how old are you? Are you going to be living with your parents for a long time?

How to become raw vegan when your a vegetarian?

I have been a vegetarian for 5 months now.. I do love it but when I heard about raw vegan I have been hooked on the concept since.. I need tips though since I am giving up quit a bit from being a vegetarian to 100% raw vegan... :) Thanks to all that answer!

i would get a cookbook like raw the uncook book or going raw by judita wignall. plenty of good ideas. might be available at your local library also worth checking out is

How to tell if my milk Kefir grains are working?

My milk kefir grains grew and got big, however they stopped being slimy. I heard slimy and gooey is good and means it working. So are my kefir grains bad or good? Should I get new ones?

Guessing you have searched google and the internet. I do not know anything about the subject but here is a link I found. Lots of info from a google search on your goal.

How to teach yourself to like vegetables?

I honestly just do not like many of them. I want to, and I want to eat healthier. Any tips?

I'm on the opposite spectrum on this issue. I'm addicted to veggies. I can only recommend re-educating yourself to like them. For example, get a nutrition book or take a look online on all the benefits of veggies. How they benefit your brain, your skin, even your digestive system. Other than that you could try youtubing recipes, especially foreign ones, which emphasize the use of veggies. Cuisines such as Korean, Thai, Japanese are a good start! The youtube channel "Cooking with Dog" is worth visiting.

How to get a picky eater to eat?

I have a 9 yr old step daughter that refuses to eat dinner unless it's chicken nuggets and french fries, meatless spagetti or lasagna, a cheeseburger from McDonalds (this is recent and won't eat homemade) or macaroni and cheese. My 6 year old will eat anything. This is causing a lot of stress in our lives and we can't figure out what to do. Please help.

It is quite possible your step daughter is rejecting you because of the loss of her mother, and possibly what she was used to eating, and possibly working on you to get her own way. My view was to try to make a deal with here with the threat of "Sit down, Eat up and Shut up, and no leaving the table until it is finished" in the back of your mind. You will need full backing from the kids father I presume. Dune

How to transition into being a vegetarian?

I need tips/advice on how to transition from eating meat all my life to being vegetarian. I would also like to know more reasons on why should I become vegetarian. Thanks for your help!

I think, just do it. Eat lot's of vegetables, obviously. Salads are easy. Then you can learn recipes for stews and curries. Eat lots of pasta, rice, bread, But always with a protein with it. Like peanuts/ peanut butter, hummus, lentils, beans, tofu, tempeh, cheese, eggs. Eat nuts, fruit and seeds as your snacks. They have protein, vitamins and minerals and good fats. Eat yeast extract for the b vitamins. Consider supplementing with vitamin B12. You can supplement your protein intake, if needed, with protein shakes - soya, hemp, pea protein, rice protein are all available. And good for you. Especially hemp. You need a lot of variety in your diet, though. So that you're getting a proper balance of amino acids, fats, vitamins etc. Don't just rely on cheese, like a lot of vegetarian recipes do. It kind of negates the health benefits because it's so high in fat. Being a vegetarian is good because - You are not supporting cruel factory farming methods by buying meat. - It's better for the environment. - Better for your health. - You will be more conscious of what you are eating, because you'll have to plan it a bit. - You will be learning something. Which is always good! - Recipes, nutrition, etc. - It can be cheaper. But not if you end up buying all these superfoods and so on. Better to just try out many recipes for lentils, beans etc. See which ones you like. Buy your vegetables off the market. Cheaper than the supermarket. Especially if you go at the end of the day. Buy rice, pulses, pasta in bulk. to save money.

How to introduce my mom to vegitarian foods?

My mom and dad are having a bbq in 2 weeks and they arent happy at the fact that I married a vegitarian. It will be our first time eating together and im afraid my husband wont be comfortable around all the meat and critisizm! Any sugestions?

VegEtarian Sit down with your husband and prepare him for your parents and ask him how you can make him more comfortable. ASK him if he's going to be grossed out by all the death. If your family starts attacking him, then thank your family for the meal and leave. Don't leave your husband out there on his own; be prepared to bail if your family gets overwhelming. Call your parents and ask them if you can bring something vegetarian so that they don't have to fuss over the two of you. Then, make enough for everyone so they can try what you bring, just make sure your husband gets to it first. And make sure you take a LARGE helping as well to show that you stand ~with your husband~. How do you introduce your mom to vegEtarian foods? Why does she need an introduction? She's never eaten a piece of fruit or a vegetable? is a decent vegetarian recipe that should be great at a flesh fest. I'd add a tbsp of cumin and use fresh jalapenos. Just make sure to check the Italian Dressing for any weird ingredients.

How to become more of a Raw Vegan then just Vegan?

Hello. I've been Vegetarian for a long time and then about 2 months ago I decided to become Vegan and I love it so far, but I do tend to eat A LOT of carbohydrates. I want to be more of a 'raw' Vegan, all raw foods but I need to learn to like the foods more.

I'm not a raw vegan, but I do try to follow a lot of the principles. has some good tips and recipes. I found a recipe for an almond pate that's completely raw and delicious, on Pinterest. Also, I've heard that it's easiest if you have a juicer or really, really good blender. That way you can drink your fruits and veggies instead of munching on them throughout the day. I haven't made the investment yet, because I'm a cheapskate, but it seems like a legitimate idea.

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