How to sneak a gift into your boyfriends car without him knowing?

Im surprising him with a gift tomorrow, and I would like to put it in his car. I have no idea how I'm gonna sneak it in there..

Make him a great big sandwich and just before he starts to eat it say you think you lost a post to your earring in his car and get the keys and go he may be a gentleman and say he will come with you but tell him it will only take a second and to make you a sandwich. That should give you a couple of minutes.

How to sneak my boyfriend into my house during the day?

So my mom works during the day and she wont let me go out with my boyfriend. So im wondering how i can sneak him into my house during the day. My room is on the first floor so it would be easy for him to come through the window but i would rather have him come through a door. Oh and my mom works from 5 to 9. So how would i get him in and out.

You answered your own question (: lol but a door safer and just better . I would sneak him like 30 minutes after she leaves just in case she comes back a little after because she left something . And then have him leave at 7 or 8 . Make sure to get rid of any evidence of him being there. But honestly I dont think you should sneak him in because you're kind of disobeying your mom

How to fake being a secret admirer for myself?

I am always alone on V-day. Im 16. And i want to send myself a teddy bear or a gift, in school and make people think i have a secret admirer for fun, so how do i pretend and any tips?

Make your gifts really big so everyone will notice, then ignore them, people will ask who sent them then you get all the attention, make a name for your bf. and tell ur friends....

How to go about ordering flowers for someone in another country?

My sister is in Ukraine and my brother and I wanted to order her some flowers for valentines day.. We found some flower shops local to her but they didn't speak English... Just Russian. Is there like a website or something that can help us out?

Hello, It would be better to order through internet, they will delievery directly to your sister home in Ukraine The price can be from 50 $ and up.

How to plan a simple scavenger hunt for v-day?

I am wanting to do a scavenger hunt for my boyfriend on Valentines Day, but I have absolutely no clue where to begin. He lives in a different town than me, but we are only about 30 minutes apart. I would like to start it in his truck coming home from work and end it in a hotel room. I don't want to go to any restaraunts or anything like that. Just something simple, yet thoughtful.

have it go to special places you have been to, such as where you had your first kiss.i did a short one for someone that had a theme to it, since that was the theme of the party.

How to get my girlfriend out of pajamas?

I got my girlfriend a pair of footie pajamas for christmas, and she has worn them every night to bed since. The problem being as a 20 something guy ive been trying to get some action but she is too cozy and doesnt want to take them off. I have essentially c-blocked myself by buying the pajamas.....any advice.

I don't know, pjs with feet are a nice cute gift indeed. You should be glad she's wearing them. The poor girl is cold and wants to be warm. Maybe just ask her if she'll unzip them for you for awhile. Have some fun and let her put them back on to go to sleep, watch tv or whatever. Its all about comfort and warm pajamas on a cold night sounds great. Even her feet will stay covered and warm if she kicks the covers off. Oh well sounds like she loves your gift. Good luck.

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