How to pple do the cursive font on their profiles ?

Like the words be cursive and stuff . && isee on mocospace they put the lil mp3 lookin thing on their about me . How do you do that too ?

just go to your font settings and do it.

How to change my profile picture to an avatar?

I recently made a yahoo avatar and was wondering how you change your yahoo profile picture to it?I went into my profile,pressed change image and pressed the avatar,and it didn't work!What am I doing wrong and how can I resolve it?

Hi ! To Change Profile Photo Go to your Yahoo Answers profile at or hover the cursor over the My Activity tab, then click Edit My Preferences ... Click on 'Update photo or Avatar' and a small window will open. Click to highlight your choice, then Submit (at the bottom) ... If you would like to make an avatar or change it click this link. TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR AVATAR. 1> Click the “appearance” tab to choose your skin color, face and eyes, and hairstyle. Pick your eye and hair colors by clicking on the colored squares to the right of each image. 2> Click the "apparel" tab You can try on full outfits or different tops and bottoms. Mix and match. 3> Click the “extras" tab to try out accessories like sunglasses. sports and hobbies gear such as backpacks, bikes, and snowboards. Adopt a cute pet. Or try different hats. 4> Click the "Backgrounds" tab if you like the snow, the beach, or a nightclub. There are many many choices in styles appearances and colors - you can save more than one choice, for later use. Remember to SAVE it (or each one). Select the picture (avatar), Click 'Use picture', then Save and Exit. There are many choices to be made, but remember to save your final choice ... Remember You can save the changes to your avatar by clicking the "Save" button. Clicking the "Save" button moves all the items in the "What I'm trying on" list into the "What I'm wearing" list. For Answers, only the head and shoulders appear, since Answers avatars must be square - costumes and background do not show well ... If you need any help click this link There are many other sources for different avatars, using a web search - right-click and Save or Save As with a title, then use Browse for files to find and use it ... To add a new photo avatar click on 'Add photo'. Click Browse then go to the Pictures folder - click to open it. Browse for the image you want, and click to open (save) it. After clicking 'Use selected photo', be sure to click 'Submit'. Go to your Yahoo Answers profile at Click on 'Update photo or avatar' and a small window will open - select your choice and submit ... No avatar will show on Yahoo! Answers if you have set your profile to private ... To make it visible CLICK on MY ACTIVITY > View Pulse > Settings (gear icon on the top right) > Privacy > Make profile visible. Hope this help !

How to change your yahoo answers profile picture?

Lol seems kinda simple but I'm tired of having the stupid blue exclamation mark but I dont want to upload a picture. Id rather have the grey smile thing.

Go to "my activity" Then go to edit my preferences Last click your picture and upload one

How to change your avatar into a real picture?

I've seen users on yahoo answers with real pictures instead of avatars.

I tried doing it, but the only thing that changed was my yahoo profile picture, and not the picture everybody sees on yahoo answers. How do I do that?

It should change to match. You can try selecting it here and see what happens. Click on the avatar in Y!A and select "edit my preferences". [shortcut: ] Click on "update photo or avatar" and a small window will open. You can select the cartoon, Facebook, or Twitter avatar or upload your own photo. After clicking "use selected photo" be sure to click "submit". The same photo will appear in the Yahoo Profile. ℬ ℋ

How to make a pictures size smaller So I can use it as a twitter profile picture?

My pictures are to big to use on twitter. How can I make them smaller when there already on my computer?

go to paint on you computer and paste the picture your going to use. then, hit the crop button & select it on the picture to make it smaller.

How to change date of birth or my age in yahoo profile?

I want to change my age in my yahoo profile. Is there any way to change it?

click on Yahoo in the top right. top right it will say " Hi (name)" click on the arrown next to your name click "account info" type in your password click "edit profile details" it will come up with full name, display name, location, gender and BIRTHDAY :)

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