How to start freelance IT services work in Dubai?


Someone please suggest the idea how to start freelance IT services work in Dubai.

What are the connection channels to the people.

Thanks in advance and appreciate on quick response.

it is illegal unless u register as a company and then do freelancing , or door to door service .

How to compute gratuity and leave salary for 2 years and 11months &19 days in UAE according to UAE Labor Law?

i resigned my job. second year i was taken annual leave but i am not going vacation. can i encash for air tickets?

It depend if you are working on a limited or unlimited contract. If you signed an unlimited contract and resigned properly by giving a 30 days notice, you are entitled to receive 7 days pay per year. In case you fulfilled a limited contract for 2 years you will receive 21 days for the same and nothing for the 11 months and 19 days. Your salary : 30 x 7 x 2 years + your yearly gratuity : 12 x 11 = your total gratuity If you were entitled to provided Airfare for going on vacation but didn't use it, it's left up to the company to compensate you for the same. They can do so but they don't have to.

How to travel from dubai international airport to burj kahalifa tower?

if i i have to buy a train ticket, how much is it cost?

Others have posted accurate information but missed something very important regarding the Metro. There is a luggage limit on the train. As you say you are coming from the airport, might it be safe to assume you will have luggage with you? If you exceed the limits listed below, you can't use the Metro. Take a taxi. Metro commuters are allowed to carry the amount of luggage that is standard for an Emirates Airlines Economy Class passenger: 2 bags of varying sizes W 81 x H 58 x D 30 cm, for the larger bag W 55 x H 38 x D 20 cm, for the smaller bag No weight specification; this has been left to the discretion of the Metro staff Allowed to be carried during all hours of Metro Service

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