How to increase chances of conceiving a boy without in vitro fertilization?

Any kind of tips, knowledge or personal experience is welcome.

There is nothing that has been scientifically proven to increase your chances of conceiving a boy or girl but something you can look into and try is the Shettles method. Like I said, hasn't been shown to actually do anything to improve your chances.

How to go about planning a pregnancy?

When planning a pregnancy when is the best time? On your most fertile day? Before or after ovulation? My first pregnancy was unplanned but this time I want to plan it and i need to know when is the best time.

I would suggest the book TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR FERTILITY. I got mine online for like 10 bucks used and it was amazing. I learned so much that I never knew! It goes over everything you need to know about conceiving. Good luck!

How to read a first response fertility test?

I lost the instructions. I remembered how to take it, but forgot how to read the results. There is a noticeably darker line on the right side and a line barely visible on the left.

When the left line is the same color or darker as the line on the right, that means you are ovulating.

How to increase the chances of having twins or triplets?

Twins runs in my family so I don't know if that makes a difference, but since I can remember I've always wanted twins or even triplets. What can I do to increase the chances? Thanks :)

Your only option is fertility drugs.

How to increase the chances of having a girl?

Me and my spouse are thinking of starting a family and having a little girl has always been a dream of mine. Maybe it's wrong to want to have a specific gender for my child but it's not just me that wants to have a girl, my husband also wants to have a girl as well. So, I'd like to know if there is anything I can do to increase my chances of concieving a baby girl. Thanks!

To start off, it's normal to want to have a specific sex when you have a child.. everyone secretly does. When I had my first child I really wanted a girl just like many women do and when it turned out to be a boy of course I wasn't disappointed. I love him just the same as I would love a baby girl. But I couldn't help but wonder if there was anything I could do to help my chances of having a girl my next pregnancy become better. Me and my husband both agreed that we wanted to have more than one child and that it would be nice to have both a boy and a girl. We both thought that there was absolutely nothing you could do to try and make sure you have a certain sex for your child but hope and pray. Even though I thought that it was impossible, I started doing a lot of research and reading to see if there was anything I could do and I then stumbled upon Plan My Baby ( this did cost me around 40$ but it was really worth it. When you read this ebook you'll find that there are plenty of natrual and safe ways to increase your chances of having a certain gender before you actually concieve such as what you should include and not include in your diets, having sex just at the perfect time when your ovulating, and what positions to try. After reading this eBook and using all the great information and tricks it had to offer, me and my husband ended up having a precious and healthy baby girl. Of course it could have been just chance, but from what I've read it has shown results indefinitely. I know how happy I was that I had a perfect little family and my son was really excited that he had a little sister to look out for, and if you want to feel that same joy I felt than you should really think about making that purchase.

Any tips on how to concieve a baby girl i so desperately want?

Thank G-d i have 2 adorable boys, absolutely love them. I have always wanted a daughter and we want to try in a couple of months for a baby girl.

Has anyone tried anything that worked? Thanks

I'm pregnant with no4 (all girls). Apparently if you have sex a couple of days before your fertile period then you're more likely to have a girl. The sperm determines the sex of the baby as they can carry either the X or the Y chromosome. Sperm carrying the X chromosome don't swim as fast but live longer that the ones carrying the Y chromosome so byhaving sex a couple of days before your fertile period means more of the Y carrying sperm die out leaving the stronger X chromosome. Your egg carries the X so that meeting with an X carrying sperm should mean you're more likely to have a girl. I hope that makes sense.

How to tell the difference between menstrual bleeding and implantation bleeding?

My girlfriend's period was a week late, but she still got it. And I would just like to know how to tell the difference in the two types of bleeding.

sounds like your GF got a normal period, implantation bleeding, normally arrives a week or so before your period is due, it is light pink/brown in colour, and is like the beginning of a period, sometimes its so light you can only see it when you wipe, but it doesnt get any heavier like a period would and it only lasts for a day or 2.

How to use ovulation test strips like a pregnancy test?

I believe its possible to read pregnancy results from a self testing kit for ovulaton does any one know if this is true?
How is this done?

It is true, but ovulation predictor kits measure levels much higher than pregnancy tests therefore ovulation kits are not as accurate. There's a great little explanation on And you would use the test (OPK) the same way you would if you were testing for ovulation.

How to find the pregnancy when periods are irregular ?

When the periods are irregular (cycle varies from 30 days to 120 days) after how many days the test can be done and what is the best method to find pregnancy for people having irregular periods.
Thanks for the reply..i got my last period on 13th July..took pregnancy test today and found negative..its my 51st day from my last period and do I need to check after 10 days ?

Your question is confusing. If you are trying to figure out the best time to get pregnant, get the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and a basal thermometer. This method was designed by fertility specialists to aid couples who have had problems getting pregnant. By charting, you can find out when you are ovulating and thus won't miss an opportunity to baby dance. If you are trying to figure out when to take a pregnancy test, you will just have to take it. If it is negative, take one in 10 days. If still negative, you aren't pregnant.

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