How to find a volunteer work as a bartender in Toronto?


I want to volunteer as a bartender in Toronto.
How can I find it? And where should I look for?
I have Smart Serve and one year experience.
Do you have any ideas?

I were glad if you gave me advice.

You likely have to start as a bar back if you want a night club job. For restaurants, I suggest one of the mainstream restaurants like Earls or Milestones. They have great training programs and are much easier to get in. You will not get a high income earning bartending job of the start.. In you wanted to come out easy, I would suggest a bar in Kelowna I used to work at called Russ and Gary are great guys and it was a really fun place to work and learn.

How to convince my parents to live in Canada, Toronto?


I live in australia, all my relatives are in different continents. We want to move out of Australia and way to convince them to move to canada?

Moving to Canada will be no problem since Australia, like Canada, is ruled by the Queen. As a subject of the Queen, you will be welcome in Canada.

How to send a letter from Canada to USA?


What do I need to send a letter to the states? I have a stamp, I asked the lady at the post office and she gave me the correct one. She also said I might need this sticker that says AIR MAIL its blue, do i need that? And do I need anything else?


All you need is the stamp they gave you. Then you just post the letter the same way you would if you were sending it somewhere in Canada. If you're still worried, go back to the post office and send it from there, to make sure you get it right. And don't forget to put a return address on it just in case something goes wrong!

How to avoid ridiculous airport taxes on international flights in Ontario, Canada?


I would like to go to France in the summer, and the taxes on a flight there from Pearson airport are about $500 (which is more than the non-tax cost of the ticket). Is there a way for me to avoid paying such an incredibly high tax? I've looked into flying from Buffalo, NY, but it turns out to be even more expensive.

Thanks in advance :)

Watch the papers and the Internet. We got $500 each return, including taxes, on an Air Canada Valentines day special to the UK, the year before last. Check flights from Hamilton.

How to get to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre via Subway from Lansdowne station?


How does one get to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre via the TTC's subway from Lansdowne station? Thanks in advance!

Start by taking the eastbound train to St. George station. Transfer to the southbound trains and go to Union station. Once at Union you have walk through the skywalk, and the entrance to the convention centre is about a hundred feet before the skywalk ends to go outside to the Rogers Centre on your left hand side.

How to write an invitation letter to relative in China?


Hey guys

I live here in Canada, my question is how to properly write an invitation letter to whoever would be interviewing my relatives in China that would like to come. 2 Years ago when I tried to get my grandmother and my older cousin to come for a visit. My cousin was denied but my grandmother was accepted. She couldn't come because she needs someone to accomply her.

So this time in writing i think the focus might be on how my grandmother need a younger person to take care of her? Accompanied by my cousin

Thank you for helping.

The Canada Immigration Centre shows you the details that must be included in the letter of invitation. I would start by reviewing the link I attached. The letter does not have to be fancy. In fact, I would suggest keeping it as simple as possible and straight to the point. Essentially, you right the letter to your cousin, and make sure it has all the important details that the immigration dept wants to see. For the "purpose of the trip", that is where I would say that she was "...coming to visit with family and is accompanying an elderly family member who cannot travel alone..." Keep in mind that providing a letter of invitation is not a guarantee that they will both be allowed in, as you saw from your previous experience. If your cousin is on some sort of government watch list or they suspect that once here she may not return home, they can refuse her.

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