How to get my 16 mo old to stop licking the bottom outside of his mouth?

My son keeps licking the outside of his mouth, so much so that he is now breaking out, bumps redness, rash like almost.
Is there any way I can get him to stop doing this? Or is he just too young for a solution?
Thanks so much.

One of my kids did this. He licked his lips and chin till they were chapped and bleeding. It happened more often when his teeth were coming in. Talk to his pediatrician and voice your concerns. My son had excess saliva when he was teething. He had to wear a bib or get his shirt changed every hour or so for years. 16 months old is way to young for a solution. His pediatrician will be able to check to see what is causing the licking and you can go from there.

How to get picky toddler to try new things?

My 2 year old won't even pick new food up to try it. What works for you? Right now he's on a very limited diet of chicken nuggets and PBJ sandwiches. I've got to do something!

My son hates veggies. One day we went to a friends house and he fed their rabbit carrots, we started to hop around like a bunny I told him he was going to get a bunny goodie *carrots* now he loves carrots. I started reading him Peter rabbit at bedtime, I embellish the part about peter sneaking into the garden to get the bunny goodies like lettuce and beans. Suddenly my son tried lettuce! Now I tell him he's going to have Peter rabbit bunny food and he tries it! He still doesnt like veggies much but at least they get to his mouth now. Try fun food related stories or taking him somewhere where he can see his favorite creatures eating these foods.

How to keep your 5 month old puppies from going potty in the house?

I got two half lab half beagles a couple months ago and for some reason they aren't grasping the fact that need to go potty outside. Everytime they go in the house I put their nose in it spank them and take them outside yet they still leave me little surprises. I'm about to be renting a place and I know the owner won't be happy if this continues. What should I do?

Go pick up "Before and After Getting Your Puppy" by Dr. Ian Dunbar. The puppy-house-training method described inside will teach them to go outside, but also make it so you will have no accidents unless you mess up. When you are home and can watch them, keep them with you and watch for signs they need to go out. Put them on leashes and tie them to you so they can't go and hide anywhere else. When you are not home, put them in a long-term confinement area with room to use the bathroom in an appropriate medium (ie, if you want them peeing on rugs, then put a puppy pad in there and they'll pee on rugs. If you want them peeing on dirt, put dirt, grass, or something similar in there to teach them that's what they need to pee in. Or make the confinement area outside.) This should be large enough for them play, have toys, water, and a place to rest. Think of Beethoven's kennel outside. That's what it should look like. Buy things that smell like pee (dog stores have them) and put them in the area you want them to pee in. When you are home but cannot watch them, use the kennel or crate to keep them in a confined area. Do not use a crate for longer than an hour at a time, and no more than 3-4 hours in a day total. If they DO have an accident, then do not rub their noses in it. Do not let them see you clean it (mom dogs clean up an area to make room for pups to go there again. You're basically saying that you want them going there.) Use an enzyme based cleaner that requires you to leave it there so that it eats the urine smells (Nature's Miracle is one, but there's off brands as well.) Put a scent deterrent there to indicate that's not a good place for them to go to the bathroom.

How to get my two year old son to use the toilet?

He won't use the toilet. I've tried bribing him, I've tried the cheerio game and I've tried practically everything. He doesn't wear diapers anymore he wears underwear and I am so sick of washing them and his pants repeatedly. He has a babysitter until 2:30 on weekdays and then my daughter takes him till around 7:30 which is when I get out of work. She says that she is sick of always having to change him just because he won't use the toilet and says until he can use the toilet on his own without any help she refuses to babysit him. What do I do about this?

I think he may not be ready. Here are some ways to know if he is ready or not. Does he: Do the potty dance? Stop playing or hide when he pees or poos? Get his diapers off by himself? If the answer was yes to more than on of the above questions then he may be ready after all. I would take him to the potty once an hour. Sit him on the potty and make him listen to a story. Sooner or later he will pee in that potty. When he does make a huge stink about it and put him back in about an hour and a half after that. He will take time to potty and there will be set backs. These things happen. And for what its worth my son was scared to death of my toilet. He snapped his "wacky" between the seat and the lid and it took forever after that incident. I had to start again almost from the beginning. He wasn't completely potty trained until 3and a half almost. Kids do these things when they are ready. Not necessarily when you are.

How should I help my 3.5 year old son to learn how to pee standing up?

He knows how to go potty sitting down but he is also showing interest in wanting to pee standing but doesn't know how to do it and pees on the floor. Any tips on things to try? I'm a single dad. Should I try to show him myself, or would that be inappropriate? Any dads have advice?

Show him how to write your name in the snow once you have snow on the ground.

How to get a hyper 3 year old to fall asleeo?

I put him in his crib but he just likes to get silly and laughs often. He keeps trying to put fabric in his mouth.

Sounds like he is just not getting all his energy out throughout the day. It may be time to consider putting him in an extracurricular activity. There are many different classes and lessons that start at the age of 3. You could try a gym class for tots, swimming, a form of martial arts, or some other energy exerting activity that he can enjoy. I would also recommend a "bed time" routine to help get him prepared to go to sleep. My husband loves to romp around on the floor with our kids. He plays with them for a good half hour at least, just running around chasing them, tickling them, letting them climb all over him and getting piggy back rides, etc. After that, once the kids start to show signs of being tired and running out of energy, we have a "winding down" time. If the kids aren't already in their jammies, we make sure to fix that, and then we brush their teeth and have them go potty and wash their hands and all that good stuff. Then, as one last little wind down period before bed, we sit with them and read them a short bedtime story, and if they are still in a babbling sort of mood, we let them sit and talk with us about whatever they want for a few minutes. Usually after all that, they are so tuckered out from everything that they don't even complain for a second when we finally shut off the lights and say our last goodnights. I definitely think it is worth trying to come up with your own routine. Whatever you think will work best for your son, whether it's bed time stories, doing a silly dance to shake out the sillies, or singing sleepy time songs together, or just sitting on the couch and cuddling together for a bit, you should try a few different things to see what works best for you. But I definitely think this is a simple case of too much energy and not enough outlets before bed. Lots of kids have this sort of problem. It's no big deal and is easily fixed. I'm sure you will have no problems coming up with a way to help your son get rid of all that silliness that keeps his laugh box going before bed! Good luck, I hope my suggestions might help you out a little! =) P.S. Nicole is one of those "pompous" mommies. Apparently, her child is better than everyone else's and so much more advanced. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a 3 year old still using a crib, lots of parents wait til their kids get closer to 3 to transition them to a toddler bed, especially if they are prone to get out of bed all the time and get into things. Whoever thought that you should take away the crib as soon as they turn 1 is just living in a fantasy world. Just because something works for one kid doesn't mean it's the only way to do things. Sorry for the rant, but I hate seeing people treat someone who is legitimately asking a question like they are a complete idiot when the other person doesn't even have a clue what the entire situation is or why a person chose to use a different method with their child. Good luck to you, I hope you figure out a solution that works well for you.

How to stay energetic all day at work?

I find it so difficult to concentrate at work after lunch. Its not even like I am lazy but I feel really drowsy. I have a large coffee in the morning but that doesnt seem to help..
Can you give me some tips ?
I have no idea how this question ended up in toddler and preschooler category.Im new to this sorry!!

I think it would depend largely on what you do for work? If its a desk job then I have no tips but when I am bored in my hospital Ill talk to nurses when getting patients before I exam them, or if there are no patients to do I just chill and talk to my co-workers and we laugh and joke around. If your near coworkers and have breaks in between work sessions try talking to your peers and making friends.

How to get a three year old to practice a dance?

My 3 year old cousin is a dancer and she needs to practice her dance but she won't. She loves to dance but I dont know why she won't practice. Any ideas and tips? Thanks

ask her to show you her dance, make it fun

How to do a sensory activity with toddlers ?

I work at a nursery and for my NVQ my assessor wants to watch me carry out a sensory activity with toddlers (2-3 years). What could I do? How can I make it engaging for them?

Your doing the assessment and work in a nursery and you cant think? And people wonder why I don't want my daughter in nursery yet!! Something with playdoh or sand, music, having to match shapes, trying new foods, Think of the senses you know sight, hearing,etc then an activity which stimulates one or more Once decided on an activity can see how to make it engaging.

How to encourage a 2 year old to start talking?

I have a toddler that just turned 2 years old. He likes to mimic sounds and talk gibberish, but doesn't say any real words yet apart from mama, dada and "wawa" for water. He understands at least 100 words, but just won't say them. My pediatrician isn't worried, but I was wondering if there were some way to encourage him to start using words. It is so hard to figure out what he wants sometimes, and when I can't, he gets frustrated and throws a temper tantrum.

I agree with the Dr don't worry yet. Children learn at different speeds. Try not to make him feel pressured but encourage in a more relaxed way. Use picture books and talk as you point to the pictures. Sit him down and get him to say the words you know that he can and reward and make a big fuss such as clapping.

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