How to get a recording off a hard drive from a freeview recorder?

I have a sagemcom freeview recorder with some tv recordings that are personal to me on it. How do I get them from the freeview box onto a disc or onto my laptop so I can put them onto a disc?

if they have copyright material you cannot copy them,except by using archos recorders.this type of recorder lets you record anything ,but yo can only use it on an archos

How to transfer a show you recorded on your DVR to a DVD?

When I search google for this, everything I find sounds too complicated and just goes on about all the different cords, etc you need. I have a DVR and a DVD player and blank DVD discs. Can anyone tell me a simple and easy way to do this? My DVR player is messed up and will have to get a new one but a few of the shows I have recorded I want to keep. Please help! Thank you!

just burn the video to dvd ?? I don't the format of your video, anyhow, you could burn you video to dvd with some dvd burner software. I have a dvd/blu ray burning tutorials for you, it really easy for only several step , you could have a try .

How to make the tv work without an antenna?

I have a flat screen TV and i put a paperclip in it but it doesn't work that well does anyone know anything else that might work.

A good out door roof antennal there are no short cuts other wise they wouldn't make antennas.

how to make subtitles work when i play a video from my seagate goflex device?

so this device makes the movies from your flash drive works on TV directly...similar to the WD device..

anyways i got a movie and i got a to make the subtitle work from the device to the movie?

I'm not familiar with your device but I would guess that the goflex has some sort of main menu. If you can find it, try to configure subtitles from there. If goflex doesn't have a main menu, try navigating to your options on TV while the goflex is in and turn on subtitles. It would be hard for me because I have a tv service where you cant press buttons on the regular TV you have to use the cable box. Don't press the wrong button.

How to connect a DVD recorder to a TV when the recorder has no coaxial connection?

I know the device must be connected to the cable, but there is no coaxial connection on the device, just a place for another small cable, which is NOT coaxial.

If you are sure it is a DVD RECORDER, and there is no coax input jack then the device has NO tuner built-into the unit so you must use an external tuner/cable converter box. Take the output of the cable box and go to the RBG (Red,Blue,Green) video input of the unit plus the Red, White audio. IF NO RGB then use the composite video (Yellow) the Red, White audio. For the output take one that matches the input of the TV set. HDMI (best), Composite (RBG 2nd choice) S-Video third choice, Composite Yellow fourth. All but the HDMI require a separate audio connection. FYI -You had an answer use SCART cable. that is for European use only. SCART (from Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs, Radio and Television Receiver Manufacturers' Association) is a French-originated standard and associated 21-pin connector for connecting audio-visual (AV) equipment together. It is also known as Péritel (especially in France),

How to fix my audio for hdmi hook up to tv from compuer?

I have my HP laptop connected to my SANYO television to watch shows off my computer onto my tv. At first it didnt even notice the choppy sound but i whenever there is music or an extended sound i can tell there is a skipping or it is choppy. Its driving me absolutely insane please someone help!

hi ellen hopefully this helps or it maybe your tv on the way out thanks ian

How to save recorded files from DirecTV on to a laptop?

I have a DirecTV Tivo box and i have tons of shows recorded and i really want to download them on to my laptop. Is there an easy way i can do that?

They aren't files to you. They are recordings in a closed digital system you have no inside access to. Your only access to them is as A/V playing from the DVR. If you want them as files on your computer, you need a capture device to record that A/V playing to files on your computer.

How to connect 2 televisions to sky box?

I have the tv in the lounge with the sky box connected, also upstairs another tv which has no aerial or tv connection ( within that room), but does have an xbox which is also online. How do we connect the upstairs tv to the skybox to view all channels upstairs also? Preferably without contacting sky as I think there is a fee. Any ideas?

The answer from Mark is correct but bear in mind you will only be able to view the same programmes that are on the telly downstairs .

How to activate my Dish Network TV2 remote to work with TV1 reciever?

I dropped my living room TV remote (TV1) and it broke all to pieces and will not even flash a light for me. I'm having company tomorrow and will not have time to have D.Network come take a look. Is there anyway I can activate my bedroom TV remote (TV2) to work with my living room TV (TV1) receiver?

This is possible. Depending on the type of remote you have there may be different instructions. If your remote has a blue #2 on the bottom front of the remote, you can change it to show a green #1. Remove the battery cover and pull the plastic key away from the buttons on the remote. Once the key is out you will notice that it has 2 sides. Flip it over to show the green #1. Then at your receiver, make sure the TV and receiver are on. Then press the System Information button on the front right hand side of the receiver. You will see System Info 1 on the TV screen. With the remote press the record button ane release it. Then press the record button 3 times. If the remote programmed correctly you can press the View Live TV button and it will take you off of the System Info screen. I have included a link so that you can program the remote to control the TV volume and power also. If you need any further assistance please feel free to email me directly. To look up the code for the remote: To program the remote using a code: Raymond Gonzales Social Media Representative DISH L.L.C. Sunday-Thursday 2:45pm-11:15pm

How to program a omnitech remote to a emerson?

I want to be able to change chanels with the remote.

Omnitech Giant Universal Remote Codes For Emerson TVs: 004, 006, 012, 023, 024, 025, 026, 027, 028, 029, 030, 031, 032, 033, 034, 035, 036, 037, 038, 039, 041, 042, 043, 044, 046, 047, 123, 124, 162, 171, 177, 179, 191, 196, 208, 221 1. Turn on the device that you want to set. 2. Aim the remote control at the device and press down and hold CODE SEARCH button for at least 3 seconds until the red LED lights up solid red. 3. Press the device button for the item you wish to program, e.g. TV, DVD, VCR, etc. and the LED light will blink once and then remain solid red. 4. Using the number keys, enter the 1 st set of 3-digit codes from the list. You will notice that each number that you press, the LED will blink once. After you have entered the 3rd digit, the red LED will turn off indicating that the code was recognized for the device. (NOTE: If the code entered was not compatible, the red LED will flash several times. You will then need to repeat step 2. You have 30 seconds to enter a code.) 5. After the red LED light has turned off. Press the ON/OFF key. If the device you are trying to program powers off, then you have found the correct code. If the device does not power off, then you will need to repeat the process again from step 2, using another 3-digit code. Automatic Search Method. 1.Turn on the target device. 2.Point the controller at the target device and press and hold the Code Search button for around 3 seconds, until the LED light stays red. 3.Next select the type of device the target unit is by using the Cable/TV/VCR/DVD/Sat Buttons (i.e. if it is a TV that you are trying to control, press the TV button). The LED light should then blink once, then stay red. 4.Press the On/Off button on the controller slowly and repeatedly until the device you are trying to connect with turns off. (Note: the LED light will blink each time you press the On/Off button). When this happens, press the ENTER button in order to store the code and the LED light will turn off.

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