How to force a pregnancy test to say its pregnant?

I need to fake a pregnancy test as last performance someone in the audience realized that I was just holding up a test which wasn't marked positive and the whole performance just went wrong. So I need to know how to? Without making anything too obvious eg. Drawing a red line with a marker pen. Etc.

Get a pregnant person to give you a used test. That's really all you can do.

How to learn lines for a play?

I'm doing a play in my drama class and i'm only in year 9 and I really need to learn the script but I find it so difficult and I wouldn't even know where to start

Okay - don't panic! You can do it. Read the whole play right through, several times. Aloud if possible. Then read it through in your head, but this time say only your lines aloud. Take notice of your cues, and your entrances and exits, etc. Do this lots of times, and gradually add all the right expressions, emphasis, tone, speeds, and emotions. If there are any scenes which you're not in at all, skip through them fairly quickly, but don't just ignore them. After a while you'll find that you're not needing to look at the pages so much, and eventually not at all. Then get someone else - a parent or friend, to read all the other parts and you say all your lines yourself. You'll be fine! Good luck!

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