How to become an actress and How to find auditions?

I've loved acting all my life. I don't want to act for the fame or fortune. I just want to act because I love it. But, I live in Ireland, and I don't know how to start. I have no idea where to look. My friends are brilliant actresses, and somehow, they can find loads of auditions in a few weeks time. I would like to know how to start, and how to find auditions in Ireland. Thank you :)

If you are serious about wanting to act, you should start by reading every play you can get hold of, reading books, and going to a theatre club or stage group and learning everything you can. Nothing you are taught at school is a waste of time – you never know what is going to be really useful for you as an actor, and even stuff like history, geography, science, cooking, maths, etc, will probably come in handy when you least expect it. Actors need to be very intelligent, able to understand loads of subjects, well-read, for example able to read Shakespeare and so on. It’s no good reading a script if you can’t understand what your character and the others are talking about! Work hard at all your school subjects and get as many GCSEs as you can so you can get onto a college course in Drama or Performing Arts, with extras like Psychology, English, Sociology, etc. After A Levels, you’ll be able to apply to get into a drama school, although these are all very hard to get into. Up to 5,000 applicants apply for 24 places, in each school, every year. You will need to be able to work on stage as well as to camera. Singing is often required, so join a choir or try to afford lessons somehow. Dance is also useful. It’s a good idea to have some other skill which you can use to earn money in between acting jobs – you’ll need it! Typing, bar work, office work, shop work – anything you can do, really, but ideally train in some job you can work freelance so you’ll be able to take time off whenever you need to for auditions and the occasional paid acting job. Make sure you quite enjoy it too, as you’ll probably spend more time doing than that acting! Only after all that would you be able to get an agent, and the only way to find real auditions is through an agent. I suspect that your friends either have agents, or their stage schools send them to auditions. If they don't, ask them how they find these auditions - but I'm guessing that they're not real ones. You don't want 'loads of auditions' - you just want ones which you stand a chance of winning. You are looking at years of hard work, very little glamour, terrible rates of pay – if any – doing odd jobs just to pay the bills while you’re auditioning for acting work. It’s not something you should even be considering unless you’re totally passionate about acting and can’t imagine doing anything else. You’ll probably never be famous, or make much money, but if it’s what you really want, go for it. If it’s just a nice idea because it sounds fun and exciting and so on, forget it. Good luck!

How to log on to audition connection?

I recently signed on to audition connection with my agency but when i go on the sight i see no log in thing. For anyone who is with it how do you log in?

If this is through your agency, have them explain it to you. They are there to help you.

How to do I prepare for an audition if I've never acted before?

I apologize in advance if I seem arrogant, but I really want to be an actor despite not having any formal training, or experience.

I have my first audition this Friday and I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to ace it?
I'm at university and the audition is for a student theatre group that is part of my school.
It is not an audition for like a commercial or film.

If you want to "ace" your audition, the only thing you really can do is learn your lines. Being prepared and respecting people's time is sometimes more important than experience.

How to convince my parents I want to become an actress?

I know that the chances are slim to become successful actress, but I just love it so much that I want to become a professional one but my parents won't let me. The only way I can go to college for acting is if I get a scholarship because they won't pay for the acting school, only for school to become a doctor. And I want to somehow convince them that this is what I really want to do with my life. Any ideas?

If you're old enough, pay for it yourself...meaning pay for some acting classes. After that maybe audition for some roles and if you get the part invite your parents to come see you perform. Do all this as a side hobby while you are attending college for something else. If you jump on the ball now, you might get their approval faster. I'm a parent of a child actor and its very hard but be persistent, work hard to perfect your craft, and don't put all your eggs in one basket. If its meant it will happen. Good Luck!

How to stop your cheeks from twitching at a beauty pageant stage?

I have done 2 pageant and when its time to do my personal walk my cheeks will start to twitch the second I walk out and I'll stop thinking about my walk and start worrying if the judges will see.(They do cause they are 4 aisles away from the stage and the lights on the stage is also.) So tips on how to stop it from happening? And any other tips on pageantry evening gown section?

omg! this happens to me too! I was at a photo shoot and he did a close up on ym face and I got nervous and hes like "sweetie, try to relax your face!" lol, I just had to take a break, breathe, drink some water, and relax. just chill out and breathe and have fun!

How to find others that enjoy nudity in North Dakota?

I have grown to really enjoy being naked as much as possible especially outdoors. Does anyone else have the same type of feelings about nudity in North Dakota? I do not think that there are any Nudist Resorts around here but is there "groups" of people that get together and enjoy being nude together in this state?

Whatever floats your boat!

How to become part of a talent agency in a foreign country?

Hi, I live in Australia and I was wondering if there are any talent agencies in the USA that take foreigners from overseas countries. I have always wanted to be an actress in the USA, but living in another country has made this dream quite difficult to make possible. Please help me I have been searching for an agencies that does take people from other countries but there doesn't seem to be any online.

Future Thanks

It's not just getting agency representation -- there are legal issues involved in working in a foreign country. To work in the US you'll need the appropriate work VISA and the like - just like anyone else. So have you checked into what you need to legally work in the US? Here's some information:

How to memorize your lines in a play very quickly?

Ok, so I've already asked a play related question, and have 2 answers so far. Now, here's another one. So I need to know how to memorize your lines in a play quickly? The play is on Friday and I only have a week to learn my lines. Also any tips on how to not forget your lines on stage? Thanks to everyone on advanced! And please, only serious answers! Thanks!

Well first off, there is no easy way to memorize lines unfortunately. Some people do it with ease other do not, thats sorta just the way of it. There are helpful strategies, though: 1. The one I do the most is recording myself. I listen to myself saying the lines and it sticks them in my brain more. Sorta like how when you hear a song over and over your memorize it without realizing it. However, it is important to say your lines with yourself. Don't just listen. 2. Don't sit down. Stand, or better, pace while you memorize. It will keep you more alert and energized. 3. Note cards. Not a method I care for personally, but many of my friends use this. Write your cue line on one side and your line on the other. Cues are just as important to memorize as lines. 4. Maintain a large vocal range when memorizing, even if your not planning on saying it that way in the show. 5. Highlight your verbs. Literally, take a highlighter or pencil and underline them. A verb can tie a who sentence together. If you remember the verb, the rest of the sentence comes easily. 6. Remove yourself from other distractions. TVs, music, people, ect. 7. Don't memorize in short intervals. Your lines won't stick into your head otherwise. Allot yourself 30 minutes at the least. 8. Even if you think you have it memorized, continue to READ over it. If you don't look at the script often, some words morph into things they are not. 9. Always practice allowed. Good luck! I hope this helps!

How to sign up for a disney channel audition ?

I really wan't to audition for the 3rd season of shake it up but i don't know how to :( What is a resume? It keeps comeing up but i dont know what it is. Any advice and/or tips would be greatly appreciated

You don't. Casting for TV shows (including Disney) are done through talent agents. In real life acting professionally is a business and everyone in the industry treats it as such. Disney is a corporation with a lot of money at risk for every project. They put their wagers on actors who are known quantities and who can guarantee professionalism. Sometimes they'll have publicity stunts (like Shake It Up had a dance competition recently). While the winner got to appear on Shake It Up - it was a one-time thing and not a series regular. Likewise, Disney may have an open audition sometimes (announced here: ) but again it is more of a publicity stunt than an attempt to actually cast a TV show or movie. A resume is a piece of paper that lists the person's name and contact information (phone, e-mail, etc). It can include the stats (height, weight, birthdate, hair color, eye color, etc). Then it lists their training as an actor, their previous experience as an actor and then any special skills they have (like speaking with a certain accent, or juggling, or speaking a foreign language). When you work professionally you attach this resume to a head shot (an 8 x 10 photograph of yourself) and submit this to an agent or casting director. It's a marketing tool to let people know a bit about you and your acting experience.(like how some restaurants hand out flyers with their menus). So this is basically how it works. Disney hires a casting agent to help cast a show. The casting director's job is to create a good pool of potential actors to audition for a show. They may not actually cast the show (that can be done by committee with directors and producers involved). But basically tons of people submit their head shot and resume for a job and the casting director goes through them and eliminates people that they feel won't work well for that particular part and comes up with a list of people to audition. To get some submissions, the casting director will write a "breakdown" (a description of the characters they need) and sends that out to talent licensed agents (not to the general public). That's why you need an agent. Without one you won't know when the auditions are up and you won't have specifics about what type of characters they are casting. A talent agent is someone who represents an actor. The talent agent gets paid only if their client (the actor) gets paid. So talent agents are picky about who they take on as clients. They're looking for people who have training and experience and who can get jobs (and make them money). So before you can compete for "Shake It Up" you'll have to compete for an agent. You'd have to send your head shot and resume to agents (with connections in LA where Disney is filmed). If you are lucky an agent will call you back and want to talk with you some more. (That doesn't always happen - it can be very challenging to get an agent.) Then you talk to the agent, maybe audition for them, and hopefully they'll agree to take you on as a client. Remember - agents get paid only if you get paid so DON'T PAY AN AGENT UP FRONT. So the talent agent reads the breakdowns and then contacts the casting director to get his clients in for some auditions. Sometimes people send head shots and resumes directly to a casting director (without having an agent). So as I said - the casting director goes through all of these things sent to them and creates a list of people to audition. Since everyone sends stuff to the casting director they don't have to go around the country randomly looking for people to work on Disney shows. Anyone who claims to be doing that is a scam. So to work professionally you need to have acting training and experience and you need parents who understand the business end of acting and are willing to work as the CEO of your acting career. Here's some details about the whole Disney audition thing:

How to find college students looking for actors for student films?

So I want to be an actress (don't crush my dreams I know its extremely hard just answer the question) and I know this is a good way to get experience and work to put on resumes. How can I find these types of things? Thanks for the help! ^_^ <3

Even students are normally very picky about who they audition for their films. They usually choose recently graduated drama students, either from their own university's Drama department or a nearby drama school. They never use untrained and inexperienced actors, as their finished films count towards their degree. Obviously they have to be really professional-looking. My daughter did a few student films after graduating from drama school - she won the auditions against dozens of other graduates and professional actors. Some said that they'd had over 500 applications! If you've had several years of classes at a good acting school, lots of stage experience, and ideally have taken a 3 or 4 year degree-level course in Acting, apply to your nearest university's film department, or look for auditions on the few genuine websites which exist - most will only accept professional actors and charge a fee for membership. Good luck!

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