How to handle telling host not to put so much spice on turkey for Thanksgiving?

I'm happy to be invited to my son's house for Thanksgiving, but he and his partner bake the turkey, and put so much rosemary in it, that it is almost unedible. If I offer to bake the turkey myself, and bring it, I think the message would be oblique, and they would feel badly. How would you handle the situation, or how would you react, not wanting to seem critical and ungrateful (on Thanksgiving yet!), but not wanting to gag your way through dinner either? It's a really awkward scenario, and it happens annually.

Well they are inviting you to their house to eat, so it's kind of rude to be picky about what they serve. Just eat a small amount of turkey, maybe try to cover it in gravy or eat it with a bite of sweet potatoes.

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