How to convince my parents to let me join cheerleading ?

They basically won't let me because they think it's $lutty and the skirts are too short (they have shorts underneath them). Its at school and for about 5 months.They are Muslim, well my mom used to be a Christian. I don't wear a hijab. How do I convince them to let me do it, how do I ask them?

I'm more concerned with your choice of music YMCMB, but thats besides the point. Just tell them that its important for college in the future. Tell them the skirts arent too short because if they were, the school wouldnt allow them in the first place. Plus there are shorts underneath. Tell them joining means a whole lot to you and that you would enjoy cheering for your school.

How to convince someone to let you babysit?

I'm 13 and I want to make some money, and I want to persuade my aunt and uncle to let me babysit there 6 month baby. I had experience with my sister.

It is very understandable as to why, because the baby is so young. It is often easier to handle children who are older. Maybe ask your parents friends and/or other family to let you babysit their toddlers/older children. After a while, your aunt and uncles baby will be older (at least a year) and you will be able to say that you have babysat for other families to and they are happy with their experience. Good luck and God bless!

How to find a boyfriend out of school as a young teenager dying the summer?

I'm a teenager looking for a boyfriend. Please give me some tips I don't want a school boyfriend either!

You are a homophobic peace of crap! How does it feel to get a rude comment that doesn't answer your question? I saw the answers you were giving on your profile when I saw your last anti-gay answer. Why don't you find some brain dead hick at the local hootenanny I'm sure you will find a man their with your level of intelligence

HOW TO?...................................?



How to convince my parents to let me go on holiday?

My friend has a family house in a small, family village in France and has invited me and 6 others to go there for a week in Summer. We will all be 16, I almost 17 at the time, but her parents will not be there for the whole time. They have consented and so have all the others parents. I am very mature and we are a very tight knit group, however I am worried my parents will freak out and say no straight out.
How can I convince them that the holiday is a good idea?

have you ever seen the movie Taken? If your parents have then it a straight no.

How to start life off from scratch as a 15 year old runaway?

I have a project and we have to have perspective on runaways and what they do when they try to remake a living for themselves. What would they do? How will they live? Will they have a place to live?

For a second there I thought you were serious! ;) If a was a 15-year-old runaway I would go to the mustard seed. Do you know what that it? Do you know the muffin man?<<<My friends were wondering. Excuse them. Well, anyways, I would wear a tutu, learn ballet and make a career out of dancing.<<<< That was once again my friends. I'm so sorry. What I would really do is go to a friend's house and stay with them for a while, and hopefully get a job. This way, I won't completely be a burden to them. ;)

How to convince your parents to let you have a small get together?

I want to have some friends over for my 16th birthday. How can I get my parents to allow it? My parents are seperated so it'd probably be at my dads house, because there's more room!

Just ask! It's your 16th birthday, I wouldn't have a problem with a small party, as long as there was no alcohol or drugs (:

How to find babysitting jobs for a 14 year old?

Im 14 years old , and i want to find a babysitter job. Where can i look?

If its on the internet can you give me a link please?
Also all my cousins are older so there's no-one in my family i could babysit.

Make babysitting flyers using the computer and put them in the library, people's mailboxes, and grocery stores. Drum up more business and keep a notebook to schedule when you do get a customer. Culver's minimum hiring age is 14 with a workers permit. I called many stores because I am looking for a job. This was the response they gave which makes me happy after looking for so long. Find a local one go online and apply and go in store to apply or call and ask if they are hiring. What I did was Google a bunch of business near my home and found their numbers using Google maps or their sites and I called and directly asked if they are hiring and what age do they hire at. Try local grocery stores, pizza parlors, retail stores, fast food restaurants.

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