How to become a professional idea generator?

I have many business ideas but don't want to try them. How to sell them or how to make money from them?

That is going to be very difficult to do. You will have to tell your ideas to people to get them to choose one. Then they could just say no thanks I don't fancy them and go off and use one of your ideas! Your best options would be to implement some of your ideas by actually setting up the business's and then selling them on for a profit. See this site: Your other option is to go into marketing, help people to develop the ideas they already have.

How to become a network engineer or get a job in networking?

I have been thinking and I want to do something in networking most likely become a network engineer. Would taking networking classes at my local jc be bad? and do i need to get my ccna?

A local junior college is a great place to start out. As far as what you need to get an IT job: The Holy Grail for IT employment is a 4 year computer related degree, some industry certs and experience. If you have all three of those you should be good. If you have only one element that will help but you may be competing with other people who have two elements or perhaps all three. The logical certs to go for are A+ (2 tests) which should be the beginning cert for all IT workers. It can be self studied and will give you the basic idea of how these cert tests work. You could follow that up the Network+ and then go off into the Cisco certs. Remember the certs will have little value without a 4 year degree. You may be able to land something with only the 2 year Associates degree but for a much easier time of getting and job and keeping it the 4 year Bachelors degree would be best. Best wishes!

how to obtain an entry level job as a social media networker?

I have a passion for social media networking, and I would really like to to get into this profession, but I do not have any job experience. I do feel that I have a lot of skills relevant to this field of work, and I am very eager and quick to learn. Does anyone have any pointers on where to start?

I can not participate now in discussion - it is very occupied. I will return - I will necessarily express the opinion on this question. Also check these tips about entry level job search for teenagers and college students -

How to format the answers in an interview?

Ex : 1) How you implement Health & Safety @ work place
2) How you monitor your team's development
3) How you set goals/ KPI's for your team ?
4) How you measure your development ?
Looking for straight & crisp answers. Thanks.
Thanks but these answers are not related to my question.

Give an example that: 1) States the situation 2) say what you did in the situation 3) explain the results of your actions 4) say what difficulties you encounter 5) say what you learnt

How to calculate the accuracy in data entry jobs?

Depending on the accuracy % the companies will pay us. So how to maintain to a good accuracy.

Have to agree with the Angry Bird here - these jobs take advantage of people, expose private information and give hope only to take your money and time. Don't waste your time on these.

How to switch career to computer science after completed BE Marine Engineering?

I have completed BE marine engineering and sailed as a junior engineer on board. I am too much inclined to computer science. Please guide me with options to switch career. Especially open source oriented. Thanks.

I suggest be happy with your profession. To come to Computer Science, you will have to complete degree like BSc Comp Science or BE Comp Science. This will take four to five years. Again job guarantee cannot be given. If you have a lot of interest in Computer Science, do a certified course from Microsoft and try to enter animation or web based jobs

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