How to write a business proposal to a company without knowing their needs?

My father owns a company and he wants me work for him. So he gave me a task to write a business proposal. I asked what they needed and he said nothing, we want to do business for them so propose what we offer. This is difficult because most proposals are based on what the company is understanding about the other, then telling what the offer. Please help

So, sometimes you cold call businesses to get more business. You have to have a sales pitch. This is what your father is asking you to write. Since this is just an exercise, it should be pretty easy. What does the company do? Why is that useful? Why would someone want to hire you/be your client? Even if I dont think I need your services, convince me that I do. I dont see why that is so hard.

How to convince teachers not to kick you off a course?

Well I have to say that I brought it on myself. I want to do a career that requires A-Level maths. I have been having trouble answering practically every question in tests. They will likely tell me to leave the course but I really am not interested in other courses. I want to use a half term coming up to get myself up to speed. But they might kick me off the course before that. Any ideas

Accuse them of discrimination.

How to teach and analyze film to high schoolers?

So teaching and analyzing films sounds like something I'd be good at. However, as it is not as mainstream as "history teacher" and such, I can find a career path online for it. Can you tell me a salary? Is it had because its not a major subject? And what do I major in? Extra details would be appreciated!

If you're in the US, that sounds like film club or maybe something a speech/communication teacher takes care of. To the best of my knowledge, there is no credible degree or teacher training program specifically for film analysis.

How to calm down before presenting something enfront of the class?

I can't control it. I just turn so nervous and i'm starting to black-out. How do you fix this.

Hate to tell you this, but it takes practice to get truly comfortable with it. In the meantime, remind yourself, everybody--everybody goes through this. You will not die from this and your presentation will be over in a few minutes. The audience wants you to succeed. Either they are your classmates about to go through the same process themselves, or if you are speaking to a group, they are there to learn something. So it's going to be okay. If you mess up, correct yourself and keep going. If you don't make a big deal of it, they won't remember. You are there to share information, if you know your material, then you can fall back and focus on that. I like to visualize a big white board with 5 or 6 topic points on it. As I am talking, I can mentally go down the whiteboard and check off each topic, so that I don't forget anything important. Don't worry about memorizing what you wrote, memorize the important facts and focus on telling those facts as though you were telling it as a story to some buddies. Finally, practice the presentation several times doing it in front of your dog, or someone who loves you no matter what. Work your way up to saying in front of your parents. They may want to tweak your performance, but ask them ahead of time to pick just one thing you might improve and only tell you that. (It will help if they don't give you a whole list of things, you have enough to focus on.) Use good posture, (pretend you do this all the time and it doesn't bother you.) Look out into the audience and speak loudly enough to be heard to the back row. Try not to saw things like "umm," if you lose your place, just look at your mental white board and pick it up again. Finally, thank your audience for their attention.

How to do better in history based classes?

I'm currently taking political science and sociology as a freshman in college. I've never really done well in history classes because I always seem to take the wrong notes (as in, the information I take does not help me on the test/quiz) I was wondering how other people succeeded in these courses. Are there any ways you take notes that help you remember? Can you distinguish between important details and unimportant?

The first hint is that you have to figure out what kind of questions this particular professor asks. In college, essay questions are more common, but if this is a huge introductory class, they might use multiple choice. The other suggestion is to do other reading on the topic. If you can relate the material to other things you already know, you're more likely to remember the details. And college students often share notes. Get someone to study with you, and exchange notes with each other.

How to set up a game with questions that are worth different amount of pts on the computer?


I'm trying to host an event for middle school students and I was wondering how can I put together one of those power point that shows different boxes/cards with questions that are worth different amount of points and the students get a chance to pick the number of points they want to go for and the category.
Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

This is very difficult to do - scratch that - it is simply time consuming. If you do a simple net search, you will find some you can switch out their questions for yours.

How to become a family and consumer sciences teacher?

I am certified to teacher elementary education grades 1-5th. I would like to teach home economics. I know in most states it's just adding on another certificate. However, I currently do not live in the state where I first got certified and haven't taught in a number of years. I have heard that some states and cities will allow a person to get certified in a shortage area. Does anyone know of such a situation in home economics, particularly? Where? Any advice to help me narrow my search for next school year would be appreciated. Thanks.

sorry to say - that no, there is no shortage in this area. In fact, there are very,very few schools who offer this anymore. The few high schools I know of - have one that you would need to wait till they retire to get their position. In two instances, i know of the school closing the class rather than filling the open spot.

How to drop a worthless class when the jackass professor is never in his office during office hours?

He posted his hours in the class syllabus but he's never there.

Can I get someone else to sign the drop form for the jackass?

A few suggestions: - Try to catch him before/after the class period - Send him an email to set up an appointment - See if he has an assistant who can either tell you when he will be around, set up an appointment for you, or make sure that he gets the form or whatever you need to drop the class. If that doesn't work, go to your student services or the department office (or whatever the equivalent is at your school). When I had to drop a class last minute and my advisor was out of the country, the department administrator signed the form for me.

How to become a school teacher in the netherlands?

I currently live in SLC, UT and I am wondering what schooling i would have to go through, what is the processof getting a job there, and everything else that goes along with the moving out there including housing?

resource here:

How to not be nervous about presentations?

I am presenting tomorrow in spanish class, and I am REALLY nervous. We are presenting a skit, where we go over the basic conversations in spanish. My friend and her decided to have our basic conversation, but act like we are in the Hunger Games. We haven't had much rehearsal time, and I am super nervous about presenting. How do I stop feeling so scared?

Nearly eveyone is nervous about things like this, but the big secret is that hardly anyone really LOOKS nervous! Remember to breathe - seriously.

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