How to do a short foreign exchange trip?

I'm in high school, and I was wondering how I could take a short trip (like maybe a couple of weeks) abroad during the summer. How much would it cost?

Hi! I'm a Program Advisor for AFS Intercultural Programs and we do offer some summer programs that usually last 4-6 weeks. You can check them out here, Short programs are a great way to get your feet wet in another culture. I don't know what other programs cost but summer programs with AFS tend to cost around $7,000 depending on where you want to go. I hope this is helpful for you!

How to go about a personal trainer degree?

I was wondering if anyone knows what I can do to go for a personal trainer degree.
Schools, training?
How long is the schooling and how about should I do this?

Personal trainers don't have to get degrees.

How to become a foreign exchange student from Macedonia(europe) to study in Scotland?

I am a 17 year old student from Macedonia and would like to study my last year at school in Scotland somewhere. I have no clue how to go about this could anyone help?

Talk to the authoriteis at your local high school. I am sure they can arrange some kind of student exchange program or scholarship. Then again, I hope you are A student ! Good luck

How to register for Dentistry in the US as international student?

This is what I think I know.

First I have to register to pre-med (4 years), then I transfer to a school with the speciality of dentistry and done. Am I correct?

You don't necessarily have to major in pre-med undergrad - even for med school. Dental and Medical schools DO require an thorough undergrad-level grounding in organic and inorganic chemistry, biology, microbiology, some mathematics and physics, but, this coursework could be applied to other majors as well. You WILL need to check the requirements for the dental school of your choice, although most of them mandate the same undergrad science coursework. There are 64 accredited dental schools in the U.S. by the way. To my knowledge, all accept international students as long as they have the proper academic backgrounds, have superior GPA's and, of course - and especially for students from outside the country - a proven ability to speak, understand, and write the English language and sufficient funds to pay for a program leading to the award of a DDS or DMD degree.

how to decline an admission offer from the university that i had previously accepted?

I have to e-mail them as soon as possible.How should i frame up my sentences.

Tell them that while you had looked forward to attending to to certain circumstances, you no longer can. Let them know how much the opportunity meant to you and how you deeply regret not being able to attend. That way you change your mind in the future, they wont think your rude or insincere

How to do Further studies in abroad after completion of engineering?

i'm doing my eng 1st year in computer science,and i want to do my postgraduation in U S or U will you please help me what are the requirements for it.

Every school has different requirements. You have to do the research yourself.

How to fundraise for a student exchange program?

I want to go on a student exchange program to the USA hopefully in 2014. I am planning on going with EF (education first). Do you have any ideas of how I could fundraise money for the trip because it costs $10000 which I can't afford. Also if you have used that organization before do you know if they're reliable? Thank you if you have any answers :)

EF is good. the $$$ is tough to get. do people's homework. small bizness selling something. grow organic food and sell. write to foundation / big MNCs in return for free internship

How to convert a European degree/architectural licensing in the US?

How would one convert a Architectural degree from Belgrade University to the US? What steps does one need to take to get a Architectural Licence in Los Angeles Ca USA?
I'm asking for my boyfriend. Yes he is a citizen and has been working as a architect for 15 years.

Are you a US citizen? You need a work permit to work in the US if you are not a citizen. Those are only granted for fields which are in need. Architecture is not one of those fields. However if you are a US citizen you can find the process of becoming an architect in California here:

How to apply to a foreign college?

I live in the united states and I am interested in studying abroad. How is the application process and would I have to take any aptitude tests to apply?
Also where I would like to apply to is the autonomous university of San Luis potosi, located in Mexico.
I am fluent in Spanish and everything, I just need to know how to apply to the university this coming school year!

Contact the university. If they accept you ask for a student visa in the Mexican Consulate/Embassy.

How to obtain reference letters from university professors for foreign students?

I am planning to start a business to obtain reference letters or recommendations letters from existing university professors or retired professors for foreign students to study in the United States, Canada or Australia. Has anyone done this before? What kind of professors are willing to do so given the professors do not know the students themselves.

MANY MANY THANKS for answering my question.

Why would professors write letters for students they don't know and risk jeopardizing their reputations. You do realize that is fraud?

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