How to study for three big exams on Wednesday?

I have a big test on a 400 page book, a chapter history test, and a two chapter biology test. I have never been in this situation before. How should I study? I'm freaking out.

Just relax and simple read once these 400 pages once without having tentions. You can pass with rank. Best luck.

How to get away with cheating on a test ?

I know studying is what I need to do but I couldn't I've had so much going on. I did get the answers to the test though. I just have no idea how to get these answers onto the test without getting caught. Any advise ? It'll just be me and another teacher no other students .

I honestly wouldnt cheat. cheating is worse than failing to a teacher. if they catch you then they will fail you from the course and it will be on your permanent record . maybe explain what has been going on in your life and maybe your teacher would be nice enough to give you an extension where you can take the test later good luck

How to stay motivated when studying for a test?

I am in college and I have to study for a test, however, I just got this video game i am addicted to and i dont have time to be playing video games. How can I motivate myself to study for this test?

Well you could try to listen to music while you study. Trying to be active gives me energy and it helps me study for school. Drinking lots of water will also make you feel better.

How to study vocublaury words and get a good test grade?

So I'm in eighth grade and vocublaury words really are a pain for me. I never seem to be able to remember them for the test. I half to know the deffenation and the spelling. What can I do to get a good grade?

Make online flashcards at It's free, and they have games to play with the words.

How to improve SAT critical reading score by 200 points in one year?

Im in 10th grade, and I have a 520 in critical reading. How can i improve to a 700 my eleventh.

By getting an experienced tutor. Hard work and a good tutor can get you there, I have had many students make that much of a jump or more.

How to calculate what I need on final exam to pass course?

I have 49% for all 3 terms, and the final exam is worth 20%. What percent do I need to get on the final exam in order to pass the class with at least 50%?

How to calculate

How to pace yourself while taking a test?

For example, I have to answer 11 question in 22 minutes. ( it's a Reading section) So that's 2 minutes per question. So how can I focus on the paragraph and the time at the same time?

One step at a time, don't look at the clock. Some questions need more focus than others and some questions you can leave until the end, give you fresh eyes. I always did that, I never did badly at an exam. You must remember that it is different strokes for different folks. Failing that go by this: Puff, puff, give.

How to get a 5 on the AP English Language Exam?

Im not really an "english person". Im more into math and science but I REALLY need to get a 5, 4 at the lowest, on the AP english language exam. I need any last minute tips, help, advice, ANYTHING. How should I approach the passage based questions? What about the essays?

You Are VERY Low On Time. What you need to do, Is find some passages, or if you're a fast reader, a book of which you can use, to Incorporate into your essays. The "DBQ" Type essay is a God-Send when it comes to the AP Lang Exam. What you need to do is READ. (Ayn Rand Books Go A Long Way) . Also, with the MC, the passages near the end tend to be FURIOUSLY wordy, so START WITH THOSE. You can knock the hard ones out, and breeze through the easier passages (I looked for the hardest passages, && did those first) Good-Luck!

How to study an outline successfully for a test?

OK so i have a bunch of detailed outlines that i took in class and need to study them for a test. how do i best do this?

Use the website its probably the best thing ever. you can enter terms and it makes these awesome flash cards where you can play these little games and you cant help but get an A!

How to Study Efficiently and without wasting time?

I seem to go in circles and wander away and not have a plan. Feel discouraged and fearful that I might fail or not know enough.

Make a study timetable of ur own and follow that ...

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