How to get rid of unwanted explicit offensive emails when using spam doesn't work?

I have asked yahoo why they can't do something about these but the usually say they can't because they are from a different IP address, etc. It is so aggravating ..

1: Never ever try to unsubscribe from junk mail! Those mails are often sent randomly without knowing if they reach a real mail account. By answering such mails or trying to unsubscribe, you are letting the sender know that your account exists. Not only may he send you more junk in the future, but he will also sell your address to other spammers! 2: Yahoo has a spamguard filter, but only if multiple users report an address as spam will it be treated as such by the filter. You have a personal list for blocking addresses in spam options. If you ever receive anything from those addresses in the future, it will be deleted automatically, you won't even notice when you got some more crap from them. One problem though: the list of blocked addresses is limited to 500 and spammers often change their address. So you must sometimes delete some of the older blocked addresses to make room for new ones. Go to this link where everything is explained in detail: 3: The Federal Trade Commission ( is supposed to help you eliminate spam mails. Forward spam to:, in the subject line enter something like "unsubscribe link results in more spam", "unwanted spam message", "no unsubscribe link" or something similar. Here's how to do the forwarding bit: click the crtl key and at the same time click the "forward" button to forward a message as an attachment, mac users should click the "apple" key and click "forward" simultaneously. When the FTC gets your mail, they will look into the matter and when they find out who the spamming source is, they will take legal actions. 4: Check Mailwasher, it helps to eliminate spam from your inbox... Set up your email account(s) in MailWasher and hit the "Check Mail" button. It then downloads all new message headers and displays message details alongside each one (priority, subject, from, to, etc.). Any email that MailWasher considers to be spam is highlighted for easy sorting. Two checkboxes are located next to each message header: "Delete" and "Bounce". If you click "Delete" the email will be marked for deletion, click "Bounce" and the mail will be marked for bouncing - a fake "address not found" email will be sent to the sender. Once you have decided what to bounce and delete, click "Process Mail" to get it done and your mail client launched for downloading all accepted emails. MailWasher has a "blacklist" and a "friends list" to enter good and bad email addresses. Addresses in the blacklist are marked for deletion, and addresses in the friends list will be marked as okay. Filters can be set to increase MailWasher's effectiveness. You can have email addressed to "undisclosed recipients" automatically deleted and bounced for example. Note: the program is free but limited to one email account. MW Pro supports multiple mail accounts. Interesting read about mail filters and tools for various systems: - Wiki about anti-spam techniques, scroll down to "statistical content filtering, Bayesian spam filtering" - mailwasher is one of these free tools...

How to block popup spam requests in the new version of yahoo?

I used to be able to decline responding to the popup spam and it would stop coming from the same person but in the new version of yahoo, it is the same person every day, every time I enter yahoo. All I can do is close the window. What else can I do to stop this on a more permanent basis?

Download and install the latest Firefox browser: Install "adblock plus": Result: no more annoying ads! And pages are loading much quicker too...:-) - this adblocker for the IE (and other browsers) gets highly recommended in several forums. - for Safari Mac - another solution for Safari 4 Win and Mac. I for one have the Firefox installed and don't see a single ad and/or pop-up on the Yahoo pages and on most other web sites...:-)

How to stop automatic sign in to yahoo mail?

I do not want to be logged onto my Yahoo Mail account all the time (belive the term is pushing). Can anyone tell me how I go about stopping this and changing my settings to pulling. I have tried but to no avail. I am using the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

INTERNET EXPLORER Click on TOOL...INTERNET OPTIONS...CONTENT TAB. Once in go below and click on SETTINGS for Auto Complete. Click on "delete autocomplete history" and then OK. Once this is done you might want to place a check mark in the box to the left of "user names and passwords on forms" AND "ask me before saving passwords". That way you can save the passwords you want and deny those that you do not. Then click OK. . FIREFOX Click on TOOLS...OPTIONS....PRIVACY TAB...go below and make sure there is a check mark in the box to left of "clear history when Firefox closes" and then click on SETTINGS. Place a check mark in the box to the left of "saved passwords" OK NOTE: This will remove only the passwords that are not saved by you by doing the following..... There may be times you want to save passwords so you can click on TOOLS...OPTIONS ..SECURITY tab...go below and place a check mark in the box to the left of "remember passwords for sites" OK. You will be given options of remembering this password or not. GMAIL You may sometimes be logged in or have your login information displayed automatically because your username and password are stored in your browser's cache or settings. If you don't want 'AutoComplete' to automatically log you in to Gmail, please follow these steps: For Internet Explorer 6: Click the Tools menu at the top of your browser, and select Internet Options. Open the Content tab at the top of the dialogue box. Click the AutoComplete... button, and uncheck the User names and passwords on forms and Prompt me to save passwords boxes. Click OK. For Internet Explorer 7: Click the Tools menu at the top of your browser, and select Internet Options. Open the Content tab at the top of the dialogue box. Click AutoComplete, then Settings button, and uncheck the User names and passwords on forms and Prompt me to save passwords boxes. Click OK. GOOGLE CHROME Click the Tools menu tools menu. Select Clear browsing data. Select Empty the cache and Delete cookies. Click Clear browsing data. To ensure that your data isn't saved when you sign in, please remember to leave the box next to Stay signed in unchecked on the Gmail sign in page

How to send a letter in a mailbox without a stamp?

I want to send a letter to a friend of mine but I have no stamps and I dont think my mom would let me send letters.. What if I just put a few coins in the mailbox? I remember my mom saying something like that once that you can just put it in the box?
Its fan mail but I guess im just sort of embarrassed or afraid of what shell think :/

It must have stamps. Look for a mailman. They can sometimes sell you some. Many grocery stores will sell stamps. ℬ ℋ

How to stop text notification to my phone, from yahoo weather alerts from TWC?

I cannot seem to find a way to sop this annoying twice daily early morning txt. I don't have yahoo messenger to access preferences anymore and I don't see the notification listed under my alerts setting of my yahoo account either. I deleted my cell number from my account to. Any recommendations I would truly appreciate. Thank you!

Instructions 1. Click on the "Settings" icon. 2. Click on the "Notifications" menu. 3. Tap "Notifications." 4. Turn all notifications off by sliding the menu to the "Off" position. Wanted to learn how to Investigate Any Mobile, Landline or Unlisted Phone Number. Hope this a help! God bless!

How to send a single email to many recipients without letting them know of each other?

The people should get the email in a way that it shows that the email was sent only to them exclusively.

And please, don't tell me about the gmail BCC, where you have to put in your own email id. That is just ridiculous.

I wanna put in all the email ids in the "TO" bar. I've heard of such a provision on Outlook and windows Live. Is it true?

No....any email hide the recipients from the others the BCC line must be used. It is not necessary to put anything in the TO line and your ID automatically will be in the FROM line...

How to verify email list when port 25 is blocked?

Hi, my ISP has blocked port 25, and I need to verify my email list. Is there any way I can get around this? Maybe a VPN?

Call your ISP and and ask for explanation. It is unusual that ISP block any port. You can try out to check emails with free email verifier: Good luck!

How to get rid of annoying viagra emails going into my spam?

Hi, I'm getting really annoying viagra emails going in my spam mail. I know they're going in the right place, but I don't want them at all. Help for removing them?
They are going into my spam folder, I just want to rid them completely.

Yahoo has been having problems with an increase in Spam messages which they haven't yet fixed. Not fun, and I recommend you contact support for assistance. You do want to click on each and every message in your inbox with the Spam button. That will send future messages from that sender to your spam box in the future (hopefully). They also only empty the spam folder once a week, so I check mine daily as I have messages from my contacts also show up in the spam folder which can be just as much of a headache. No Spam filter will get rid of all of your spam for you. It is an ongoing process. But there is a trick or two you can use that helps make life simpler. You should read up on preventing and minimizing spam. Search and read on this as there are things you DON'T want to do! (like never respond to a spam message because that lets them know you are there and they will then sell your email address to hundreds or thousands of other spammers). Another solution in Yahoo Mail is click up top left on options, then mail options. Scroll down the left hand side to Filters. Click on Filters. You can then set up the most common email addresses and have them immediately sent to the trash bin. You can also type in the most common terms you see and select either body or subject...or both. This will help filter out those messages you never want to see and if you have done everything right, make them go "POOF".

How to contact Yahoo authorities to lodge a complaint?

A yahoo group is being misused. I would like to lodge a complaint with the details.

Hi, Here is the email address of Yahoo:

How to block spam emails from comming in on yahoo mail?

I was getting spam mail in my old yahoo account awhile back, so I canceled it and got a new account and within less than 24 hours of getting it, I'm still getting spam mail. How do I block them? I'm tired of them showing up in my spam box every day, a couple of times a day.

80% of all email sent in the world is spam. Keeping it contained in your spam folder is what is supposed to happen. There's no reason to go into the spam folder, except about once a week, to make sure nothing went there in error. Otherwise, its just a junk bin Youre probably making addresses that are easily computer generated. Spam is a huge business. If your using an address like yellowroses or footballfan youre going to get lots of spam. If you use something like 10fforrtynine2day -hardly any. Never open, reply or unsubscribe to spam. That verifies your address. They have tracking on it quite often. They know if you open the mail You cant block them if theyre already going to spam You can block addresses by going to your inbox page Options> Mail Options> Spam But it wont help, as spammers use new address continually

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