How to fix the rape problem in South Africa?

I've been reading alot about it lately and I have to write an essay on it, the rape problem in South Africa and no I don't mean just the man on women, I mean the entire problem. I found out women are raping men and little children as well. Does anyone think this problem can be fixed in any method other than the long-term solution of education?

Short term, it would be wonderful if the government would issue FREE Rape-axe condoms for women. This is a female condom complete with sharp, painful, teeth-like hooks that fasten to a potential rapist’s penis faster than you can say “penetration.” Once a man’s junk is snared by the barbs, according to the doc, he cannot pee, walk or even remove the trap himself. Though the condom is inserted simply into a woman – like a tampon – it can only be removed by a doctor when latched onto a man. Read more: If you want to delve further into the problem, here is a good article: Unfortunately, the South African government virtually supports rape. Before the white man came along, black women had to endure this horror as a way of life. They did not know what rape was. And the black man still does not acknowledge rape for what it is: Rape is forced, unwanted sexual intercourse. Read more: Read more: But, after all discussion: Rape is an INTERNATIONAL problem.

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