How to change a file from webarchive to pdf?

I received 12 files that were sent as webarchive files...I need to open them and print them. How do I convert to pdf or other file so I can see them and print them?

Change the extension to pdf

How to move frostwire movies to to the newest version of Itunes?

Hey guys itunes movies are armed robbery and I want to move my frostwire movies onto itunes and its no longer letting me a drag and drop or go on frostwire and click send to itunes please help.

Check the settings of itune.

How to download itunes podcasts onto an android phone?

One of my college classes records lectures using Tegrity. I don't have internet access at home, or a very good cell phone service (only 2-3 bars of 3G) so I downloaded the podcasts onto my pc via itunes. I want to be able to do my homework at home (usually i stay at the library), but I can't figure out how to get those podcasts on itunes downloaded onto my android phone's memory. I want to somehow be able to view the podcasts without using an internet or cellphone service connection. Please help!

Locate where you saved the downloaded file on PC, if can't found, connect phone back to PC via iTunes. wait for file to display on iTunes, locate the file, right click select copy, paste it on desktop. or drag it to desktop.

How to get start menu back in windows 8?

I have a non touch screen computer and want the start menu back, is there any way to do that?

Yes,you have 2 options.Start8 from objectdock or the free classic shell.

How to made a playback sound on Reaper?

I just downloaded the free trial of Reaper, and I made a simple voice recording to try it out. I could see the sound waves on the recording, but when I played it, no sound came out of my computer. I've been trying to make it work for an hour to no avail, does anyone know what the problem is? Some additional info: I have a mac, and I just have the standard built in microphone.

If you see the audio on the master tracks in the mixer's meters in reaper, and the play cursor moves when you hit play, be sure that you have your preferences set correctly. In reaper go to the very top right corner and click on the indicator for your sampling rate and bit rate. This will open up Reaper's preferences for the audio device. I am on windows so I am not sure about the proper selection, but you should find one that works. Drop an audio file into Reaper (even an mp3) to see if it plays it (just drop it on the same project it will make a new track automatically and play it if you have the audio preferences set right. If it does play it you have an issue with that track (something got moved/changed) . If you need more help be sure to look at the Reaper manual, and ask on the Reaper forum.

How to transfer pictures and videos from the zune software to my pc?

I just downloaded the zune software and it has all my videos and pics i have on my phone. i was wondering if i could movie my videos from Zune to my desktop?

Navigate to the Zune directory located on your computer. Copy and paste these to your desktop.

How to remove vocals in a song and listen in full instrumental?

I have used audacity and wavosaur but they never fully worked. By using which software can I remove the vocals in a song?

Because you cant just remove vocals. (it doesnt matter what editor you use) Unless the audio file has split tracks, then its almost impossible to remove them completely without also removing parts of the music aswell. The more center panned the vocals are, the better they can be removed through phase inversion. Really its a hit/miss on vocal removal for songs. Some songs you can remove it and it still sounds good, other times it completely ruins the song.

How to prevent the colour scheme from changing to Windows 7 Basic?

Hello, on my computer, when I open Adobe Fireworks CS5, the colour scheme changes to basic, which I find hideous. Is there any way I can stop this from happening permanently? (Bear in mind that I don't use video cards or things like that)

Thank you :)

Right click the program icon, click on properties and then click the compatibility tab, uncheck 'run this program in compatibility mode for' then restart your pc, that should solve the problem.

How to insert columns on one page in OpenOffice Word multiple times?

I try to have just a few, non-consecutive pages with two columns on them but it just makes the entire document two columns. Can you tell me how to have columns on multiple pages that don't go together?

Highlight the text first and then put that text into columns.

How to get the download box to close after download?

A change to my Vista has the download box continue to stay on after download. I have to close each time at the "X". Any suggestions?

Check the Options tab under Tools. Look for the appropriate check box.

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