How to hide Identity when doing Business in a social network?

Yahoo Answers also promote pseudo identity and to hide email address in communication. Corporations as persons do hide identity in take overs.
Same happen in taking bribes and ransom with least risk.
Drug cartels and gangs also do the same in transactions.

Suppose Mr. A purchase good from Mr. B.
Mr. A sends money to Mr. B
Mr. A receives goods from Mr. B

If Mr. A wants to be unknown (hide identity) to Mr. B for security or other reasons, while carrying out the transaction (specially at the point of delivery), what are the methods to do it?

This is a social network formation.

Many places keep identity a secret during transactions. If you use a mediator site (middle man), names can be whatever you want them to be. As for shipping, if you get it shipped to a general post office, then they cant trace your exact location and who you are.

How to be comfortable in my own skin, and be able to make conversation and be comfortable?

I'm very introverted, I have low self esteem, how can I be comfortable being myself and how can I make conversation?

- ive tried asking lots of questions, and feeding off of their responses but I never know what to say or relate it to.

I am very much an introvert myself and have always had a low self esteem. It has been the research that I have done that has helped me gain some confidence. Your low self esteem is not due to anything about you in particular. It is society expecting everyone to be outgoing and speaking their minds, something we introverts feel uncomfortable doing. One good source I have found is "Quiet" by Susan Cain. Try downloading the sample from amazon and just read the introduction. Hope this helps.

How to be powerful and confident while giving a speech?

Public speaking is absolutely no doubt my number one fear. But if you win, you get $500, and I wanted to challenge myself since Ive been lazy all summer.

Anyway, how can I be a powerful speaker, and how can I gain confidence before and while speaking? Because when I speak, I doubt myself and think I look like an idiot. But I think since I'll be all dressed up that might raise my confidence a little.

Believe in what you're saying, even if it's the dumbest thing you have to be convinced that what you're saying is true so the confidence will be visible. - like when a person gives you the chance to vent something you were keeping to yourself but couldn't hold anymore (it sounds so real you catch their attention)- Be sure to really know about the topic you're gonna talk about and also practice it before the real speech, (in front of the mirror or tell it to a friend or someone you trust first) so when you really do it you'll be more fluent. Also when you talk do it with energy, not like sreaming but like with a loud convinced tone of voice, pretend you own them and don't be afraid of looking at them. Good luck ! hope you win that money !!

How to overcome shyness to make new friends and not be scared of speaking out loud?

I'm terrible at just walking up to new people I barely know and talking, even to my teachers! So, what I'm asking is if anyone knows how to build social skills like this or to overcome my shyness?

i used to be really shy too, like never speak for days shy. the key to getting over being shy is really not caring what others think. not just saying F everyone but by looking at it practically. say the teacher asks a question in class and you think you know the answer but your not sure, now the only thing stopping you from raising your hand (or stepping out of your shell and being more out going in a more every day life scenario) is the fear of being wrong. that second guessing your self and doubting your self is what is and will hold you back all your life unless you realize the fact that even if you do mess up you can still try again. no mistake is permanent or everlasting if you just get back up and keep moving forward

How to improve every aspect of myself physically and mentally to my fullest?

I want to achieve superiority within my family to show them that i am not a faliure how can i do it? im a 17 year old male,6 feet tall, american

Go to college ; and if you are over weight loose all that [ stuff ]

How to be more friendly and less nervous around new people?

In other words how can you be cool or cooller than you already are?

Find a couple of role models, people you really respect and observe how they act and what they say and do around new people or crowds of people. Look at politicians, judges, talk show hosts, comedians...and then do what they do. Being cool is an attitude, it's a state of mind, and that means you can learn it with practice.

How to ask my professor I want to be part of his research?

How to ask my professor I want to be involved on his research. His research interest are similar as mine such as " jury decision making" "sexual harassment "petrial publicity" and more. How to tell him I want to collaborate with his research and a good reason of why I want to.

Well if you really are passionate about these studies, you don't need us to tell you the reasons you want to study this, you already know them. What events, injustice, in your life makes you passionate about these categories. Plea your case with him, if you really are passionate, it won't take much to convince him.

How to stop comparing yourself to others?

Cutting a long story short, i compare myself to others an awful lot.
It leads me becoming jealous of people who are more outgoing than me, which is weird as even if i'm presented opportunities of going out a lot i don't want to anyway.

Anyway getting back to the question, i need to stop comparing myself to others as it's bringing me down and i feel lost within myself as i don't know who i really am.

Help please!

First of all, try to recognize that as long as you compare yourself to others, you will always feel inadequate. Or, equally as bad, you will always think you're better than some people. Truthfully, the only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself. Are you better than you were last year? Then that's great. Have you gotten worse at some things? Then turn around and start improving yourself. Nobody in the world has all. the characteristics that you do, and no one has ever lived through everything you have, so comparing yourself to others is pretty silly when you think about it.

How long does it take to master how to use a machete?

Using a sword isn't easy to to swing up and down. So how long does it take for someone to master how to use a machete perfectly? Because it doesn't seem like a child can use it like a baseball bat :S
Please take my question under consideration ^_^
Thank you ! :D

Back home in Africa, we used machete almost daily but for cutting grass. You not only need the skill, you need a strong arm that can endure blisters. Took me about 2-3 weeks to learn, imangine the difficulty cutting grass with that. O_o

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