How to get in shape before snowboarding?

Every winter I go snowboarding for a weekend. When I wake up the second day, my body is all sore and stiff. Is there anything I can do beforehand to prevent that? Maybe some workouts or something.

You do understand that if somebody tells you a workout that will prevent you from becoming sore during the one weekend a year you snowboard, that the workout they recommend will also make you sore? I hit the gym several times a week and do lots of leg exercises, and I still get sore the first day of any new snowboarding season. How you work your muscles while snowboarding can't really be duplicated in the gym. Its not a bad thing. Being sore is good. Means you worked your muscles.

How to get a foot in the door as a graphic desinger for skateboard/snowboard companies?

I am currently taking Visual and creative arts for a diploma, i am wondering, what kind of jobs can a possibly get with this? and how do people get started with skateboard/snowboard companies as a graphic artist?

Here's the answer to your question: (click "Search Jobs" to narrow it down by industry) This is THE definitive source for jobs within the action sports industry (skate, snow, surf, moto-x, etc)... plenty of jobs available with the diploma you will have!

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