How to make a backyard terrain park with or without snowgel?

Any ideas on how to make a backyard terrain park, because i do not know where to get snowgel or how much it costs. Alternetives would be helpful

if you are building it in the summer you want to build rails out of PBC piping( you can YouTube how to make a ski jib for farther info.) as for sliding use a slippery plastic tarp and wet it. I you are building it in the winter use the same rail/jibs that I mentioned above and as for jumps pile snow up into the shape of a jump and also make a resiveing jump/landing ramp

Can you recommend how to divide a 7 day skiing holiday in Colorado- December 2012?

The plan is for 7-8 full sking days.
We will land in Denver and return there.
I won't mind to split the holiday between 2-3 ski resorts.

Unless you are going in the Christmas New Years period which books out quickly December will be low season, so there will be no problem with finding somewhere to stay. December can also be a bit dubious for snow cover, and different areas can have different amounts of snow. Steamboat, in the north can have very different conditions to Telluride in the south, which can be different to Summit County in the centre. I would improve my odds by delaying making reservations until much later so you can make the best choice for the conditions. If you want to visit several resorts a good option would be staying in somewhere like Dillon, Frisco or Silverthorne which are close to several of the Summit County resorts like Breckenridge or Keystone and not far from Vail and Beaver Creek. There are shuttles to resorts, or you can drive. You can buy an Epic Pass, which gives you access to Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Breckenridge and Arapahoe Basin in Colorado (and some other resorts).

how much would it cost to go skiing if you've never been including equpitment?

I want to try out skiing in New Hampshire, but I have no idea where to start. Or how much this would cost all together.

first you should go somewhere local. my first time i went skiing the slope was no farther than an hour away from my home. skiing Equipment rentals really depends on what resort you will go to. when i go skiing locally i tend to spend about $120 for the lift ticket, ski boots, skis and ski poles, a helmet, and lunch.

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