How to Start a Business in the Philippines?

I am an OFW, planning to retire and come back to my country, Philippines. Any idea how do i start doing business in the Philippines?

Even if you don’t have any capital to start a business, use your skills and soon it will bloom. You may as well do some errands in your neighborhood where your skills could be helpful to accumulate sufficient funds needed for your desired business. You must rely on yourself in finding these clients.Examples of skills for hire opportunities include the following: -If you are a pet lover and have that skill in training dogs, you can showcase your expertise to your prospect clients. -Do you love children? You may as well look after the children in your neighborhood at a reasonable price.

How to start a small clothing business at home for a Junior in high school.?

I want to sell sweatshirts, hats and hoodies to people at school. Like i want to sew things on them and put different phrases and things on them and stuff. I really don't know where to start. I know about business because i took 2 business classes and a computer class. Nobody has done this before and i think this would be a hit. Im also very craft and creative.

you may not do so till you are age 18; sorry but you CAN prepare your biz now! do market research and write a biz plan your home is not ZONED for business activities!!!

How to get a grant to start research and get an invention started? doesn't fund Inventions that haven't been proved as working. I know how my invention works, and I know somewhat how to build it, but I don't have the funds to make a model. Who funds ECO Friendly inventions that have not been commercially researched or built?
I have heard of research and development grants. Where can I find one?

Nobody, nowhere. How it actually works is that you build your thing and build a company around it, which is what Steve Jobs and Wozniak did, or you work for a research branch of a company and they pay you to invent things, like GE, for example. What you want is every inventor's dream but it is, unfortunately, only a dream.

How to ensure client would pay for our product after free for 1st year, and not our competitors?

We want to offer our product for free for first year to a client. If the product does make revenue for them, how can we ensure that client will buy our product and not our competitors'? What clause should we put in the contract?

You can't. If you provide it for free....then it is free. If you are going to require they be bound to a contract...then it isn't free, the payment is just delayed. I would have to say, if your product is really the superior product...shorten your "free sample" period, build in some sort of obsolescence. And trust that the product sells itself and the customer comes back to buy.

How to boost work performance in small business?

i love my entertainment and gossip i guess, but it really is hurting my performance to be watching movies, web browsing, or day dreaming. I also love video games. I just love having a good time, but all of it cuts into my work. How do i stop it? How do I find meaning in my work? I'm looking for meaning in my work not a fetish for it by the way. Just so I can feel happy at work.

The best way to find meaning in your work is make a TIMETABLE. I am sure you are worried about spending so much time on leisure activities. A clear TIMETABLE will show what activity you're supposed to be doing, at what time and for how long. Make a list of your daily activities. Allocate work activities most of your time because they earn you a living. Ensure that you follow it strictly to improve work performance. If it states you do book-keeping, do it. Don't web browse at that time.

How to get a list of names and addresses on address labels?

How to get a list of names and addresses on address labels? I have this spool of blank address labels and a list of addresses in my computer but I dont know how to get the addresses on the the blank labels. I dont know wether to get software or hardware or combination of both, can anybody help out? Need addresses on the blank labels not in my computer. Is my 4 in 1 fax machine enough?

If the address labels are on a spool, then you'd need the hardware -- the actual label maker that plugs in to your computer and holds that particular brand of label. To do it the easy way, just buy sheets of labels at Staples or Office Depot and use the template that comes with Microsoft Word. It's simple enough to use the Mail Merge feature to turn your list into labels which you can print out on a regular printer.

How to interact with work from home team members?

I want to be able to interact with my team members that work from home so they do not feel "left out". We talk with them every week to answer questions and go over new things, but what are some activity's that would work to get the whole team involved with one another?

Maybe you could dedicate a forum of some sort or Face Book page even...??

How to start a clothing business at home?

After high school my goal is to start a clothing business at home. I want stores to carry my line but the thing is I don't know how to draw or sew. I have a vision of what I want but I don't know how to go about it. I don't want to be the next victoria beckham,I just want to have a line like forever 21 love and beauty. I hope you guys can help me!

I'm going to be blunt here... you don't have the skills or knowledge to carry this off. You can get them, but you'll need to work hard. Here's a reply I wrote to someone else with similar goals in the last week:;_ylt=AnKuqSaWLLjtlhO_PyFDB1bty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20121005230916AADn7V5

How to contact church suits suppliers for wholesale purchase.?

I want to start an apparel store selling church suits from brands like Terramina, Daniella Annabelle and more. I would like to find out how to contact those suppliers or their distributors.

Contact the clothing brands DIRECTLY, and ask if it's possible to setup a wholesale account or if they can refer you to distributors.

How to get more people to come eat your newly opened business?

I am working for a pizzareia that just opened in the summer. I was wondering how to attract people to come.

Anything that catches the eye, like a guy twirling a sign. And if I were you, I wouldn't want to eat a business anytime soon.

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