How to cut myself with a razor?

So, I've already cut myself once with a razor (which is all I can use because I don't want my mom to notice we have knives missing) and all O get are these little wussy scratches. How do I make it hurt more and how do I make it deeper?

I don't need a speech, I know it's horrible but if you were in my position you probably would too.
Its on my thigh so i dont even notice. Scars dont matter.

I know you're probably going through a tough time right now but you seriously want to hurt yourself and get scars for life? If you want some adrenaline, go parachuting. If you're angry or upset, go get a punch bag. Just think about it. Do you really want to go through that pain and then regret it in the future? No. Because you will regret it and you will never be able to forget it because of the scars. Don't do this to yourself. Please.

How to get rid of pimples fast and cheap?

This two days my face is clear. Today my surprise when I woke up a patch of pimples just popped out. What is a cheap and useful remedy to treat it?

Buy some bacon, fry it up, and rub it all over those pimples, they will be gone the next day....

How to get rid of acne in 2 weeks?

I'm going to Florida at the end of November. My back is covered in acne and red spots. Does anyone have any home remedies/acne creams that worked for them? And please don't say i should go to my dermatologist because i've done that already and it didn't work out.

I use to have acne problems as well. 1) Tea Tree Oil 2) Lemon juice 3) Apple cider vinegar 4) Bamboo extract Tea tree oil is a popular home remedy for acne. It is an essential oil that is diluted and applied topically to acne lesions. How is tea tree oil believed to work? Tea tree oil contains a constituent called terpinen-4-ol that's thought to be responsible for most of tea tree oil's anti-bacterial activity. Because tea tree oil can kill bacteria, applying topical tea tree oil to acne lesions is believed to kill Propionibacterium acnes, the skin-dwelling bacteria involved in acne. Applied lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to face or you can drink it through using it in water a few drops a day. Will help with both acne, and scars as well.Also another way you can get rid of acne is by taking bamboo extract something I started when I had the problem really does work. Hope this works for you. OR: Here are seven best methods to clear up blemishes. Tea-Tree Oil To treat mild, occasional breakouts. How it works: Distilled from the leaves of an Australian shrub, tea-tree oil contains antibacterial and anti-microbial compounds called terpenoids that help kill the bacteria that, when trapped behind oil in a plugged pore, lead to acne breakouts. Try Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick ($8, A roller-ball tube makes for easy application. Studies testing tea-tree oil against the gold-standard acne treatment, benzoyl peroxide, have shown that while the latter works more quickly, tea-tree oil is equally effective over time. And it results in fewer annoying side effects—namely, dryness and redness. Sulfur If you have sensitive skin. How it works: A time-tested, gentle acne fighter, sulfur “acts like a sponge to draw oil out of blocked pores,”. This dries up pimples and keeps sebum production in check, helping to prevent future blemishes. Sulfur has a distinct smell—think rotten eggs. Most preparations that use it contain a masking fragrance. However, to play it safe (and avoid scaring off coworkers), apply these products at night. Salicylic Acid To treat and soothe red, inflamed blemishes. Salicylic acid can have a calming, anti-inflammatory effect on pimples. “It also breaks down the ‘cement’ between cells in clogged pores to help unplug them,” Salicylic acid is less irritating than more potent treatments, so it may be better for those with dry skin. It also tends to work well on stubborn blackheads. Benzoyl Peroxide To spot-treat a blemish fast. How it works: This top acne treatment is an antibacterial agent, killing the bacteria that cause pimples to form, says Gross. Because benzoyl peroxide is so powerful, it helps blemishes go down quickly; just make sure to use a non-comedogenic moisturizer first to minimize dryness. Initially, it can cause dryness and redness. Also, “it bleaches towels and clothes,”. Retinoids Nightly to prevent breakouts. How they work: Retinoids, which include over-the-counter retinol and prescription-strength Retin-A, reduce acne by altering the oil chemistry on the skin. “They help stop dense sebum from getting stuck within the pores,” says Gross. Without oil deposits, bacteria can’t grow and cause blemishes. Since retinoids can make skin sensitive to the sun, doctors recommend using them at night (and being diligent about wearing sunscreen during the day). To avoid irritation, apply every other evening to start, gradually working up to nightly use. Bonus benefit: Retinoids have been shown to increase collagen production and plump fine lines, making them a good choice if you’re dealing with acne and wrinkles. Blue-Light Therapy If you want the latest preventive treatment—and don’t mind plunking down some cash for it. How it works: Once or twice a week, you use a handheld device to aim a beam of blue light onto your skin. “Its wavelength hits and kills acne-causing bacteria,” so any brewing pimples never come to the surface. This method will not address existing blemishes. Doctors typically suggest combining blue-light therapy with other remedies, such as topical treatments. To make things easy, consider a blue-light device that comes in a kit. At-home devices are smart alternatives to multiple costly treatments at a doctor’s office. Oral Antibiotics If you experience painful bumps below the skin surface and your pimples leave lasting marks. “Oral antibiotics act from the inside to kill the bacteria that cause acne,” says Keri. They also reduce the inflammation associated with pimples, so deep-seated blemishes hurt less and leave fewer scars. Doctors usually prescribe them to get a severe condition under control and may then switch to topical treatments. Some antibiotics must be taken on an empty stomach, so read the label carefully.

How to avoid pimples and still have long hair?

I just realized that acne begins to start up on my forehead if I keep my hair down. Since my hair is pretty thick, the oils build up on my forehead and cause pimples. I hate spending 20 minutes each morning trying to gel my hair up, so I'm just gonna grow it out. The only prob is acne, which I hate. How can I have bangs and maintain an acne-free forehead?

dandruff can also contribute in acne formation.up hair on the forehead may also trigger acne. you can try some home remedies: eat vegetables and fruits say no to sugar and drink lots of water tc :)

How to get rid of razor bumps? Will aftershave help to not get as irritated and red and rashy?

Okay so On the left side of my face all my facial hair goes downward but on the right it goes in a circular pattern so I don't know which way to shave, if I shave down it goes against the grain but if I go up is good but still leaves a lot of hair, everytime I go down I get razor bumps, so pretty much what can I do to not shave agains the grain and still get a clean shave?? Or any shaving techniques?

Nothing works. After years of shaving, your skin will adapt and you'll get it less often.

How to help a toddler with sensitive skin?

I have two small boys, Jacob who is 18 months and Keegan who is 5 months. My older son Jacob has very sensitive skin to the point that we use cloth diapers because disposable diapers give him horrible diaper rash, he also has Eczema and his skin is always very dry. I am just looking for new ways to help deal with these issues, I have trouble finding lotions I can use on him and just don't know what else I can try. Any advice would be very helpful.

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How to reduce swelling and bruising on lip immediately?

Yesterday I was in a minor car accident and I ended up hitting my mouth on the steering wheel. That resulted in a swollen lip with horrible bruising. I have to go to work tomorrow and I need to know how to get the swelling down and to lighten the bruising. I iced it as soon as I got home after the accident and I have been taking Ibuprofen to reduce swelling but is there anything else I could be doing to help speed this process up?

It sounds like you're doing just about all you can do for the swelling with the icing, as long as you're doing it so that your lip is above the level of your heart (sitting, standing, not lying down). The bruising will typically fade away on its own in ten days to two weeks, and the swelling will probably go away quicker. Once any broken skin on your lip heals, you could use makeup to cover up the bruise, but there's not much you can do to make it go away any quicker.

How to get glow from internal body naturally?

I am a girl of age 26. Please tell how to get a natural glow from internal body. Im not at all intrested going for facials etc. Suggest me some tips or remedies to intake.

Healthy skin always reflects a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep, limit alcohol, don't smoke and only eat whole organic foods you make yourself from scratch; exfoliate and moisturize, tan a little by spending time outdoors.

How to ease the pain of a pimple under the skin?

I have a painful pimple under my skin on the tip of my nose. It's very painful. I can't even touch my nose. I've tried using a hot wash cloth and letting it rest on the pimple. I've also tried using steam from boiling water to surface the pimple. Now I jus want to know how to ease the pain and/or bring the pimple to the surface.

use clindamycin phospate gel 1%. And that is stress pimple so think less and laugh more :D

How to get rid of contact dermatitis on hands?

I only have the rash on my hand at the moment. How do I treat it before it gets worse?

Buy a tub of sudocream, it comes in a grey tub with red stripe. Its for all skin conditions and its heals and soothes with ansiceptic

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