I need to know how to.......?

Okay, here's the deal. I'm a sophomore. I've never kissed a guy or even like held hands. But there's this guy. He's the kind of guy who does everything with every girl. For some reason I want to like be with him. Like I want to really bad. We haven't had any contact except for some eye contact and chatting. How do I tell him I like him?

He does everything with every girl? Sounds like a player to me I hope ur not looking for him to be a bf, anyways just tell him straight up u like him make his job easier.

How to maintain good breath for kissing?

I want to know how to keep a fresh smelling and tasting mouth for whenever I have a girlfriend. Help me out?

Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, in between your mouth will be like AAAG unless you kiss right after. And you can't kiss chewing gum, and it's kinda disgusting to watch a guy say "excuse me" and turn around and pull his gum out. I find tic tacs don't last very long at all, and mints that do last long don't last long after they're gone and you don't want to kiss with them in! I'd suggest Listerine strips. They're these strips that you put on your tongue, at first they're quite strong but they're long lasting, get the job done, and don't roll around in your mouth. (They dissolve on your tongue.) The package is pretty small and will fit discretely in your pocket. For quick fixes, maybe a breath spray, though they are bulky and don't fit in your pocket well. (You don't want to be walking around and have it fall out! lol) Good luck!

How to have more confidence with women? How to raise self esteem from zero?

I am a virgin in early 30's. I want sex and want it to be good for the woman too! Will any woman ever understand? Will they ever want me?

wow do you know when people say i wanna find someone special for their first time i think you may have left it too long but not to worry girls love this stuff because your untainted not in a virgin way a you probably won't treat women like sh*t way find a girl you really like, make sure she likes you too and tell her your a virgin she will fuck you on the spot. when i read this i wanted to have sex with you just to show you a good time...

How to get to the next level of flirting?

So Ive had a short history with this boy, confessed we liked eachother in July. Now we're back in school, only have Math class together in which he's in my group and sit together in lunch everyday. We always play hard to get over and over and its getting kind of boring. I mean in the moment I love playing around but when Im sitting at home thinking about it, I wish we could get further. What can I do/say to leave this plateau?

Follow your instincts. :-)

How to a start a conversation with a guy I like?

How can I start a conversation with a guy I like. Okay so there's this guy that always stares at and I stare back and we smile, but we don't talk to each other. How can I start talking with him?

Think about these situations from a third party subjective point of view. High chances are he likes you if he truly is doing all the above-mentioned things. If he does like you, he will be overjoyed that you are talking to him, so just go and talk. Doesn't matter what it's about. Ask questions about the class....talk about the election. I know this may seem extremely general, and that's because it is. Just talk. Even if it is super-awks, like "how's life going", or "we haven't talked in a while". This may seem like just a comment, but I swear. Just go up to him, and talk.

How to let my girlfriend know I like her dominant/in charge?

I love and want to be with my girlfriend forever, she is amazing. I love making her happy and we are great together. We love to make each other happy. She has a pretty assertive personality and lets me know what she likes/wants- sometimes direct and sometimes not. I want to let her know that I am very comfortable and actually desire her to be in charge, I enjoy making her happy. How can I get her to do this without having to straight out tell her?

Just tell her exactly what you told us. (: you like her exactly the way she is (: answer below me is exactly right.

How to make start dating a girl thats your friend?

I have known this girl forever, but only really became friends for about 2 years now. My feelings for her have become a bit more then just friends and I want to become her boyfriend. Im a bit nervous because I usually get rejected when it comes to asking out girls... I have this slight feeling that she likes me more then friends too because when there is a ton of people around she would come and talk to me. I am really nervous so if someone could please help it would be awesome!

sounds like you're on a friends basis. That's a good place to starts, because this way you know you can stand each other in the first place. Try talking with her more, you should know what hobbies and interests she has by now. she could be trying to be nice, but then again it's a total possibility that she's into you. try upping your confidence. true, most girls hate the cocky-stuck-up approach, but you should at least make sure you're determined and have enough confidence so you won't chicken-out. Even if it doesn't work out, you sound like a sweet guy. I'm sure one day there will be a line of girls who want a sweet guy, but most of them will have just taken a while to realize that jerks aren't very nice.

How to keep an interesting conversation with my boyfriend?

I honestly don't know how to keep him interested. Well idk if he is but ,He likes talking about himself self and his friends. And I want to keep the conversation with out changing the topic or relating it to myself. I don't want to seem boringvto him. So what can I do to keep him interested and without changing topic?

you could try playing would you rather or 20 questions

How to break up with girlfriend and stay friends?

I am in love with someone else (her friend) and she is in love with me and I want to break up with my girlfriend without her hating me but I want to stay friends with her like we was before?

Best way to do this?

I can probably assure you that you won't stay friends if you date her friend......you are better off just letting her go afterwards because that whole friends thing won't work.

How to have a social life when I work 2nd shift?

I work 2nd shift which is Monday - Thursday from 3:30pm - 2:00am. I don't have a girlfriend at the moment but when I get one how will to make it work and all my friends go to college and hang out after school but I can't since I am working.

Facebook is your only social life option. :(

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