How to get singapore working visa and how much does it cost?

Because I'm planning to work in singapore.

You'll need a visa first. Then look for a job. After someone wants to hire you, your employer will log on to the online system of the Ministry of Manpower. Should you want to educate yourself more on the matter, and to know what sort of documents I suggest you take a look at these links: For Work Permit: For S Pass: It will cost about $20-$80, I think, for every time you apply regardless of whether the application is approved or not. Processing time takes about 2-14 days depending on whether you're applying online or manually, and on which pass you're applying for. I wish you all the best in becoming a useful member of Singapore, and in your application for a work visa. Do learn the process of the Ministry of Manpower and check back on their website frequently as the government is making major changes in the law that governs foreign workers. :)

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