How to password protect the downloads from internet?

I am running internet cafe and my coustomers download alot of stuff
from internet without my knowledge and without making payment to me.
So I would like to password protech to the downloads. Please help me.

Answer: This vedio may help you. There are certain things in some of the networks where we can control just login into the ipaddress.

How to tell if someone is watching porn on a computor?

I caught my husband watching porn twice in the past 2 months by looking at his recent history. We had a little 'sit down' and he promised never to do it again, however, now he deletes all his history daily. I was wondering is there any other way to check stuff like this other then recent history, and trash? I have little knowledge of computers, and he is a genius with them.

it depends on the browser he is using... different browsers have different settings. i apologize for the trolls in your question. as a chronic porn victim, i had some "experience" in these fields... i am currently quitting watching it, as it is immoral (man up. dislike me, i dare you, you trollers). so here are some tips... 1) get to know when he goes on his computer. if you are working... nvm then. 2) does he wear glasses? if so, you can see the "glare" images that reflect off his eyes. so if you walk into his room, and you either see the pictures/scenes on his glasses, OR if the light reflection CHANGES IMMEDIATELY -- you have the right to suspect something NAUGHTY is going on. 3) if he clears his browser not on "schedule" (to clear your browser on schedule is like deleting browsing history every 2 days. no stop in the cycle). however, if he is not deleting his history on schedule, then obviously he is watching some naughty stuff... he doesn't delete his history until he has watched something bad. do you understand? and to do overkill, go and make patterns (graph it/document this trend/pattern) of when/where/how often your husband watches porn. 4) if your husband uses internet explorer, you can pull this dirty trick on him (this only works if you know he has a certain favorite naughty site... however, it can be "stupid", because he will probably change to another one): 5) download comodo antivirus (this is a temporary "troll"/time consuming technique) onto his computer. it is also a firewall. comodo is so good, that whenever one opens up a file, it will ask you to either "allow" or "block" it. please note that this can tick your husband's temper, if he doens't know how to delete it LOL. last but not least, i hope this will not offend you... maybe you are unattractive to him.... if you are a cook, here's a site:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=8e97703fe6d1cdc8&bpcl=35466521&biw=1680&bih=933 for your husband, suggest these to him:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=8e97703fe6d1cdc8&bpcl=35466521&biw=1680&bih=933 that's all i know for now. thank you for your time. if you want anything else, please message me via my yahoo answers profile.

How to get past k9 web protection on an android tablet?

I have an android tablet and my stupid uncle put on the k9 web protection and lost the password to get it off. How do I get it off?

ask on Tomhardware, or try majorgeek articles for those topic, is suitable board for programmers, there's also which is a good one :)

How to stop someone from remotely controlling/hacking my Mac?

There is someone on my campus who is somehow hacking Macs in the library and messing with them. For now he/she is doing it to get a reaction out of other students, but they may try to pull some more extreme "pranks". I experienced this hacking myself and am not happy. How are they doing this and how can I stop them?

click the apple then force quit and see if there is any apps that are running that are not normal and/or go to settings and security and check your firewall settings

How to stop getting phishing emails on hotmail?

Even though I don't have Diablo 3 account and nor does anyone else on my computer, I keep getting an email "Blizzard Notification About Diablo III Account‏" every 1- 2 day. I always mark them as phishing email but they keep coming. Is there anything I can do about it?

Just create a filter in the name as "Diablo" so once you get a mail with that word, it will automatically move to spam. Hope it Helps!

How to port forward to stream a wifi ip camera?

i want to share the wifi ip camera's images and video steaming with my friends. could anyone help?

The following source provides a good example of port forwarding using an ip camera that is wirelessly connected to a UVerse router. Linksys routers are very similar.

How to block bluesocket intrusion detection system?

I'm a college student and my school uses the bluesocket intrusion detection system to block what is their definition of abnormal traffic. They keep blocking my computer for no reason and I've had it. I'm tired of waiting two hours for my computer to become unblocked for what is normal traffic. I'm looking for a way to block this system so that I can't get blocked any more. I've tried talking to the school and they told me that there's nothing they can do.

I've worked for a college where this was used. There can be changes made, if you talk to the right people. My response to complaints from Faculty or students was usually something like: you have a choice.. (a) write up a memo/letter which explains what academic need you have, and how that need is being blocked. The College ( at least mine did) has a policy that the network is one of the tools we maintain to promote learning for all. As long as your request for change improves the academic experience - and does not put others at risk, then the shool policy is on your side. (b) if you can't meet choice (a), then use another ISP for your work. .. if faculty, and necessary for your work, you can submit the bills. .. if student, and necessary for your work, you can ask for funds or added financial aid If not necessary for your work, then it is recreation. Not my problem. ( if not for learning.. quit bothering school employees and pay for service yourself.)

How to get rid of deal cabby in Firefox?

Somehow Deal Cabby got installed in Firefox on a Win 7 machine. It does not show up in the add on menu or in the programs. How do I uninstall this annoying program? Any help would be appreciated.

Download Revo Uninstaller trial. Install and run it. Point it to the offensive program's location. Tell it to remove it. Done.

How to login to my Firebox router and block someone off the connection?

I have a Firebox Edge router and I want to login to it to block someone off my connection
I don't really know any additional information and I can't connect to it through the address like how with Netgear.
I have his/her mac address.
I don't want to call the company or anything either so don't reply saying that please.

This page appears to have the info for logging in -- username: admin password: readwrite Or maybe no password the first time, because it says, "When you first configure the device with the Quick Setup Wizard, you set the status and configuration passphrases." Then to block that person you have two options. You can filter their mac address, or you can enable encryption (WPA2 if available). I would just do the encryption, because you should have that anyway and MAC addresses can easily be spoofed. Once the wifi is encrypted, that person will need a password to connect (which they won't know).

How to stop my brother from changing the time on the computer?

My younger brother likes to use my computer for games, which I don't mind but he has exams soon and I have set the time limits using administrator till 8pm latest on week nights and 9pm on other nights. Instead, I've seen him do this, he boots up the computer and gets to some blue screen. He edits the time there to make it earlier and stays up till maybe 2am playing games every night. How can I stop this ?

your brother is changing time BIOS. you can go in BIOS setting and set a password for the BIOS. so that your brother cannot change time from BIOS. however there is a weakness that the password can be removed by removing and then plugging the BIOS battery.

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