How to Create Traffic at a Trade Show for a Network Solutions Company?

My network solutions company will have a booth at an upcoming trade show. We service networks/computers for schools, businesses and home users.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how we can create traffic at our booth (perhaps even something interactive)?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

advertising is expensive, but check out only $1 per pixel, check out facebook page or twitter page for updates. very affordable way to promote your services!

How to redirect old pages of a site to the new site in Yahoo hosting?

SPECIFICALLY IN YAHOO Small Business HOSTING. The only info I can find is for a merchant store, which doesn't help, as we don't have that interface. It's a regular website. There does not seem to be anywhere in the control panel that addresses redirects, and nothing in the help except for merchant stores.

We understand you are wanting to redirect particular pages to other URLs. There is currently no redirect feature for Yahoo! Web Hosting plans, but you can use an HTML meta refresh or PHP redirect in your page's HTML code. For more information on using an HTML meta refresh, you may find this article helpful: If you need any other assistance, contact us anytime by visiting:

How to redirect old pages of a site to the new site?

The only info I can find is for a merchant store, which doesn't help, as we don't have that interface. It's a regular website.

If you log into your old website control panel there should be a area where you can re-direct your old site to the new site. If your hosting has Cpanel go to "Domains" and then "Redirects".

How to Design An Affiliate Marketing Website To Make Money Online?

I am a newbie in field of internet marketing. What aspects should I take in account while designing a website.

The first thing you want to do is go to *1*. Once you've signed up there and are in the members area, you're going to scroll down to where it says "New JV Product Launch Announcements" Jv stands for Joint Venture. Find a product that's at least one month away from release (even further if you can). So if today is 9/13/2012 then look for something that will come out 10/13/2012... Why? Because there's no competition, it gives you ample opportunity to make a site early, which kind of grand father's you in with website authority and most importantly create a youtube video with a review of the product. Of course you won't have the product so make a list of assumptions to the best of your degree. There will be product details on the actual page so you should get a really good idea on what the product is and what and how it does. In the video that you make, list the benefits of using it and let know to buy it below... Next go to a website called *2* and also *3* and sign up, clicksure (new but popular with JV's) and clickbank (especially clickbank) are some of the top affiliate sites around. Contact me if you need any help *4*

How to choose the right targeting keyword for Google search engine optimization?

Hi friends,
My doubt is, How do we choose the right targeting keyword to rank top position. because of lot of updates have done by Google. So please send your ideas here.

Jason, The most important thing that you want to stick with for keyword optimization are: - First, you can have a check with Google Adwords tool to decide your keywords. - Secondly, you have to check with the competency of the keywords among your competitors. As, this could help you utmost in rakings. - Then, you have to sort out the most relevant keywords that are recommendable for your site. - Choose the keywords that are at the second level of competition. If you're in to choose the high competitive keywords, it'd be too difficult to rank high amongst your competitors. - Also, you can better prefer with the Long tail keywords, as this could have the mixture of high and medium competitive ones. - After sorting out the desired keywords, ensure whether they're optimized and are not found to be duplicated wherever you're about to place. This can ideally help you in getting a better ranking, I suppose. Eventually you have to concentrate with the promotional strategies.

How to register my own html pages on the internet to make a site?

can anyone tell me how to register the html pages on the internet which are saved on my hardisk's computer?

You will need to: 1. buy domain 2. host your domain ( host gator, godaddy, whoever you choose ) 3. FTP your website files 4. Done!

How to make my web page appear before my competition on Google?

My web page is currently listed as the second in the search, my competition is ranked number one. I would like to be in the first spot. I run a Ups store and so does she so we shouldn't be competitors but she thinks I am the competition so that makes me the competition.
When you search for a ups store followed by the name of my town, hers is the first in the list...

That's not an easy question to answer, but it depends on what's on your website, the title, the keywords, the back links, the quality, relevance and authority of the back links, the amount of times it's been shared on social media, even the alt text of the photos, or the title of the You Tube video on the page. There are so many things to consider, and since the recent algorithm changes, I'm not sure anybody is a total expert in SEO. If she isn't, and isn't making much of an effort to rank, then you should easily be able to beat her in some way.

How to do a facebook contest to get more likes and traffic?

I have been trying to figure out how to do a successful contest where I get some extra likes and hopefully more work.

Please make it clear your page you want traffic for is of what theme ? For examples of it is related to wallpapers you should update your page with beautiful wallpaapers and distribute or spread that page to people you know and many others ,you definitely get huge traffic or if you want to know tricks about internet marketing just check this SamuraisSEO..It must be helpful to you

How to get Sitemap created for my WP site?

I need to add the sitemap to Google webmaster. I've already installed a sitemap generator plugin to this end. But nowhere can I see this sitemap created. Please help with your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Just go through the instructions of the plugin you are using and check the path or file name it creates for the xml sitemap. In general, also check the root of your site for any xml file to look through it.

How to get best ecommerce solution for your online business ?

Are you thinking to launch your own online business? For this, you need to get best ecommerce solution. The best way to boost the performance of your online business is by using ecommerce solutions. To increase your ecommerce business, this has been the latest way which you must use to improve the efficiency for your business and for further growth.

Setting up your own ecommerce website is not an overnight thing, despite what some people may have you believe. To really make it work you need to do some research and homework beforehand. The more time and effort you put into it the better it will work out in the end.

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