How to make an object shiny or reflectionous?

I have this art project, it's for Christmas, the Christmas cards thing. I'm planning to draw a little girl or boy looking into an ornament with a puzzled look on his face. How would I draw the corner or edge of the ornament so it looks shiny & realistic?

use Special pens and or paints that say metallic or shiny...

How to identify a hand carved antique item?

We recently came across a beautiful wooden hand carved item and we are not sure what it is or where it's from. The tip of it has a carved round doughnut with spikes all around it and what looks like the shape of an extended baby bottle nipple. The handle area is really defined carvings which make it look like pacific islander. The wood is real heavy and its about 3 feet in length. We are just wondering who would know about this kind of thing.

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How to couple glass piping with copper pipe?

I'd like to join a length of pyrex glass tubing to a copper pipe, the seal has to be airtight and the pipes will be under a slight amount of pressure. How can this be done? What fittings should I use? Should the glass have a flange or beaded rim?

The first answer gives you good choices, except you can't thread the glass. If you had in mind making a melted bond, while copper will bond rather nicely with molten soft art glass, it expands and contracts too much for boro tubing, to make a bond you will probably have to use an intermediate glass seal as is used with glass to metal for lighting applications/neon. Assuming chemical compatibility, I would probably use a hard silicone adhesive - E6000 or GOOP

How to i go about creating a sculpture?

I have no idea what to do. Are there guidelines that are good to follow that are synonymous to composing a 2d painting?
My painting teacher said i almost "maxed out" on learning the fundamentals of painting. He told me that he didn't want to show me much more because he didn't want to stifle me. So i want to explore sculpture as something new opposed to painting and photography. Are they similar in any way?
Yeah that's why i call fundamentals guidelines instead... And yeas i will definitely do everything at once.

the beauty of sculpture is it is free....... form an idea ....maybe sketch it out ..... then do it .... inversely ,start with a medium and let your hands and eyes bring form .... have fun edit: study but also paint ..the painting is a study all its own that never ceases to teach , fundamentals have to be learnt ,then applied,then broken...

How to make a miniature city model for my Godzilla movie?

I love to make Godzilla movies, but im tired of putting my buildings on the floor and recreate a city and them having to reach down and film trying to get good angles. I also use a phone for my camera (camera quality is great). I also make buildings, tanks, signs, etc out of paper so its easy to knock down. All ideas accepted! :)

Make a series of tables, perhaps on wheels, that put the top surface at about waist height so you can build the model city in sections and shoot from further back then move in and pull apart an aisle to move into the middle of the model for closeups. Depending on your scale, each top might be 18-24" Download printable buildings or make your own designs - colored on the computer and print them in various sizes and make different sized Godzillas for long shots with smaller buildings in less detail. Make buildings only the front and roof of the building for connected/abutting townhomes/apartments to have a lot more fronts and to fill blocks quickly.

How to blow glass tabbaco pipes?

I am planning on learning and blowing glass tabbaco pipes.
But I have no clue where to start. What kind of gas kit ect.. will i need?

You mean glass pipes for smoking funny stuff?

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