How to play Synthesizer? Is it a lot different than a Piano?

I would like to play Synthesizer but don't know anything about it... can somebody tell me how i should start? I play piano a little if that helps. I have something like synth lead and synth pad on my piano, if it is what i need? thanks!

It's synthetizer

How to learn guitar within 5 months and know all the basics?

I really want to learn guitar, but I don't know where to start. I know like 15 chords, and I already know how to read music. I just can't locate the notes on the guitar. I have a Mel bay guitar book at home, would that be enough? Any other tips?

Hi you have to just practice a lot with the help those chords automatically one day you will be get some knowledge about music then try to learn copy tunes from songs and start playing on your guitar then you came to some idea about tune apart from these think and try to play with your own styles then you will get something in Guitar. Regard Charan vas

How to get a heavy metal sound on electric guitar?

I'm new to guitars and I just bought an electric guitar. I know how to play some simple chords and basically that's all I know to it. So I was thinking, how do you adjust your amp to get a heavy metal sound? I did some research and found out it's by high gain, high treble, high middle and so on, but my guitar still sounds like a plain old acoustic guitar. Any ideas?

There is some truth to what Satan's Own is saying. Yes, distortion is what will give you the tone you are looking for. The term high gain is basically interchangeable with the term high gain. But what he is telling you about specific amp settings does not apply to every amp in the world. Telling you where to set high, mid and bass is pointless and it will be different based on the amp you have the guitar you have the room you are playing in the volume you are playing at, etc. The only real rule for metal tone is that you normally want to scope the mids, which just means turning them way down. The bass and treble settings you'll just have to experiment with. Many amps don't offer as much distortion as is needed for a metal tone. Of course you didn't mention what amp you have which would have been very helpful. But, if your amp doesn't have a high distortion setting you will need to get a pedal. Most any music store will have plenty set up for you to demo. You don't have to be a good player to try out distortion pedals in a store. Just hit a couple power chords on each pedal and see what is pleasing to your ear. I find most "metal pedals" to sound pretty crappy to be honest. The Boss Metal Zone and MXR Fullbore Metal both sound horrible to me. I'd just get a regular distortion like the ProCo Rat, but try them all and see what you like. One more thing, if you have a very low powered amp with a small speaker that will limit how well the distortion sounds. For $199 you can get a Line 6 Spider or Peavey Vypyr which are both 30 watts and have a 12" speaker. Both of these amps have a good metal tone without needing a pedal. When you consider that a decent distortion pedal will be $100 - $150, you may want to consider just saving up for one of these two amps.

How to defend my love of heavy metal?

I get constant ridicule because I listen to heavy metal. I understand it 100% but I can't explain it to other people. And when I try, it doesn't come out right and I sound stupid. It is so misunderstood, and people think that the music I listen to is retarded. So could someone please help me with a strong argument to fight back against the people who think my music is shit?

In my opinion, they are simply the most talented musicians out there. Take the best Pop music out there, the best Country music out there and the best Rock (or Heavy Metal to more specific) music out there and compare the musicianship. Whoever they may be... the best guitarist in Pop (if there is such a thing), the best Country guitarist and the best Heavy Metal guitarist. There is just no way you can deny that the Heavy Metal guy is just better at playing the guitar. Even if you don't like Heavy Metal it's plain to see which guitarist is better (of course some will flat out lie just to argue with you). Same with drummers and bassists. Now singers are at least arguable because I can understand how someone who likes Heavy Metal doesn't like the sound of a Country singers voice and someone who likes Country music just doesn't like the sound of a Heavy Metal singers voice. That just boils down to personal preference. But when it comes to the musical instruments even if you don't like what they are playing, a good (or better) Heavy Metal musician is just better than a good (or better) musician in other popular music formats. The only other genre that can be considered in my opinion is Blues. They have some great guitarists. Blues drummers and bassists are usually pretty bland but Blues guitarists can be really good. And then this is completely different instrumentation but Classical musicians are quite talented. I don't like Classical music but I can certainly recognize that they are very talented musicians. But at far as the main three categories of popular music (Rock, Pop & Country), Rock musicians are clearly more proficient at their instruments.

How to get over my one direction infection?

Ever since i've heard there first song I have been obsessed with them. I am obsessed with Harry Styles, it's gotten to wear I want to marry him >__< I have seen every single video about them on YouTube and there thousands. Please help, I just love them so much I practically don't think anything other than One Direction.

WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GET OVER IT?!?!?! They are awesome!! After a while though, the initial "infection" will go away but you will soon love them as if they were your best friends you've always had a crush on. Does that make sense? Lol

How to make high pitched sound on a guitar?

For example, in the beginning of the song Break by Three Days Grace, how does Barry make that extremely high pitched noise on his guitar?

You can also make a "harmonic" sound. This is achieved by touching (not pressing) the string right above the 5th, 7th or 12th fret. Try it. If you want to pitch it up (make it sound like a bend) you can press on the part of the string that is attached to the keys. Zack Wylde liked a lot this technique. You can also create pseudo-harmonics. In this technique you press normal on the fret in order to play you note but when you pick you slightly touch the string with your picking hand thumb. This will pitch up your note a good octave.

How to shift from a certain effect to clean using your foot in a Boss ME-25 effects unit with pedal?

I bought a Boss ME-25 guitar processor yesterday. In case I'm playing chords in a clean tone and the I want it to sound distorted in a lead section and after it is done, I want it off again. How do I quickly do that using my foot.

Are you serious? It is always a good idea to read the manual first... In any case, you just program a clean tone in one program slot (patch) and a distorted one in the next one (up or down). Just read the manual on making and storing your own patches/sounds.

How to convince roommates to turn off the Nickleback and Taylor Swift?

I don't know what I ever did to them.
The two worst musical artists in current music

blast some brokencyde and hello kitty suicide club.

How to change key in a guitar scale easily and fast?

For example:Changing A major pentatonic to D major pentatonic.I can change the key but whenever I change it,it's so hard to remember where are you in.

Patience and Persistence is the key. Keep doing it. You're on the right track! :)

How to get a punk rock sound on your guitar?

I have been listening to punk rock bands like The Ramones and The Sex Pistols recently and just released how sweet the guitars sound. A guitar sound that would also be really cool to use in a rock n' roll band. How can I get it in the cheapest way possible? I don't want to buy effects but if it's necessary I would probably buy some.

Punk bands always, for the most part, use a lot of distortion and overdrive. Its just that dirty punk sound. The cheapest way to do it would be to buy a distortion pedal, especially if all you have is a small practice amp that doesn't really provide a lot of distortion. However, its always a great investment to buy an amp that has built in effects. Most of the digital effect amps have different settings modeled after different amps. I have a Behringer and it has everything from Fender tube amps, to a modern Marshall stack. Another thing is the tuning. A lot of punk bands will play a half step down. Also, they typically only use their bridge pick up. Hope this helps.

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