How to get the humidity right for my snake?

I have a sand boa and I don't think the humidity is right in the tank because his shed is coming out blotchy. I have a ten gallon tank with a ten to 20 gallon under tank heater. I mist the tank a little (once daily) to try and create some humidity. I don't think its working out right. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

You need to get a humidtiy gauge (hygrometer), it will make life for you and your boa all the different. If you are using a glass tank, it will be much harder to keep humidity up. PVC, plastic, and melamine tanks hold humidity much better. You can make a humid hide for you snake, just google it. I don't know how old or big your boa is, but 10gal sounds small, plus if you are covering the whole underside of the tank with the UTH, your poor guy might be cooking and drying out. Depending on what your hygrometer says, you can mist a few times a day, along with giving a humid hide, or go all out and get a misting system, like the mistking misters. and never place a heat lamp over the water source, it does increase humidity, but it also causes his water source to deplete, and will leave residue from the evaporated water that in a concentrated setting (which will be done from evaporation) can be harmful. Plus it promotes bacterial growth. However, using a larger water dish will naturally increase humidity.

How to fix my leopard gecko incubator to temperture sex both male and females?

I want to breed at least one male and female leopard gecko but I only have one hovabator. I don't want to buy a second one and I have a lot of time and can save up money to do it. I am thinking I could turn it up to male temperture and put ice cubes on the female side of the divider being a plastic wall type thing. I have heard it works but what do you think.

Its going to be really hard in something the size of a hovabator. I agree with the other two answers, set the temp at 85°, and you'll get pretty close to an even mix of sexes. Or you could breed mack snows, for some reason temperature based sexing seems to have little effect on this morph. So you'll get a mix almost no matter what.

How to tell if a small gecko is pregnant?

Today I rescued a small gecko off the sidewalk that was on its back and I noticed two white and pink circles on (her?) stomach about 3mm round approx. The gecko is very small, about 5cm. It is a black/grey colour with brown-grey markings and gold eyes so the whitish circles stand out. I haven't looked close enough to see if they bulge out, she's not moving and I've had her for about 6 hrs.

If it is that small likely you are just looking at its internal organs. When leopard geckos are smaller and a little more sensitive you can see their internal organs. If it is that tiny it isn't sexually mature anyway. But to be absolutely positive you need to know the species. What I said before does apply to pretty much the majority of reptiles though, when they are small you can see organs through the skin and scales.

How to convice mom to let me get a pet snake?

I want to get a corn snake or ball python but my mom wont let me. I am 15, had snakes before and have enough money to support the snake and its needs. I have the tank all set up and just need a heat lamp(or pad) and of course, the snake.

I remember when i got my cornsnake and ball python, i had to convince them, and that was really hard, but i learned that if you ask enough, that you usually get what you want, haha, parents get tired of you asking sometime.

How to get rid of an aggressive lizard that likes to bite?

in the past couple days i have noticed an unusual lizard. He loves to try and bite me or my family members. When we take out the trash he just stares at me and doesn't get scared. He just stays on the bench! When he sometimes notices us he chases us like if he wants to bite us! Can you give me some suggestions on how to get rid of this aggressive lizard? I would appreciate it, Thank You!

I'm assuming this is a wild lizard? Try taking a can full of coins and shaking it, or using an air horn to try and scare it away. You could also try a spray bottle of water, but some lizards might actually like to be misted. If that doesn't work, try to carefully take a shoe box and cardboard to trap it (like you would with a fly) and release it somewhere far from your house and home that it doesn't return.

How to reduce heat from undertank heater for leopard gecko?

My undertank heater for my futur leopard gecko makes the ground 100 degrees, is there a way to reduce the trmperature

There are a couple of ways to do this. A thermostat works well, especially proportional thermostats. The cheapest thing to hook it up to in order to control the temp would be a plug in rheostat, or dimmer, they sell for lights at hardware stores like home depot. Just make sure it is rated to handle more watts than the UTH uses. (most plug in dinners handle at least 300 watts, andmost UTH's use less than that.) I have a few tubs set up this way now for quarantine, andthey work well. Just make sure you have a thermometer to track the temperatures add you adjust them.

How to persuade my mum to let me get a snake?

I need some powerful methods of persuasion to get my mum to agree to letting me buy a corn snake. I am 14, have researched them for five years. I have tried being nice writing her a letter and a proposal, have had a mature answer to every reason she has given, but she still says no, but when i calmy ask why, she replies because i said so. This really annoys me, any suggestions?

Well i'm 14 now and got my first corn snake, which ended up to be 2 corn snakes, male and female about 7 or 8 years ago. Since then, I have persuaded my mum to get rid of the corns and buy 2 boas, a retic, 6 beardies and 3 leopard geckos. First of all, with 5 years of research, it sounds like you know enough, but buy a book on them. Find out every single thing possible about them. Then tell your mum all the positive facts about them e.g - Don't make a mess, Don't need walking or cleaning often etc... Also, if you get allowance or pocket money etc... then say that you will help to buy everything for it as it will need a vivarium, bulb, heat mat, thermostat and decor, plus food. In fact though, they are one of the cheapest snakes to afford as they need the least amount of stuff. In fact, you can probably get the full setup excluding the snake for anywhere from £60/$95 + Just tell her all the pros of having one and let her read through a book about them. That worked for me.

How to cure wood and rocks for toad tank?

I just got some driftwood from this local pet store and I wanted to collect some stones from my yard, for my fire bellied toad tank. I was wondering how you cure and sanitize them? Thanks!

Soak them in a 1 part bleach to 10 parts water for 12 hours pull them out and rinse them and then dry them in the sun for 12 hours.

How to get a cold side for ball pythons in a home made rack system?

I built a snake rack first time, and i am useing 4in flexwatt for heat on oneside of the tubs. I am not to sure how to get there cold side. Could i just heat one side of the tub?

Put your heat tape down the back of the rack. The end of the tub nearest the heat tape becomes the warm end and the end farthest away becomes the cool end. If you are using 4 inch tape, I assume you are using a 32 qt. or similar size tub.

How to get my fire bellied toads to breed?

I hav 2 male and 3 female fire bellied toads and I'm trying to get them to breed but they are not, any tips on getting them to breed?

mist them regularly with warm water. provide a shallow pool of water with some water plants (i use anachris/elodea which you can find in any tropical fish shop) and feed them like crazy! if they are in good condition they should breed. fire bellies tend to be quite easy to breed, you just have to be patient.

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