How to determine how much rent to charge for farmland?

I want to lease some farmland I own (I do not farm). How can I find out what is a fair price? Should I ask the farmer (operator) to itemize his expenses or estimate based on the price of the crop last year? Some sites talk about a percentage of the land value, some talk about estimated value of the crop less farmer expenses and his profit margin. Some talk about the cwt per acre, or the bushels or pounds yielded per acre. The only information I have if want type of crops he planted last year and an estimate of the cost of fertilizer this year. I can find out the harvesting machine cost.

Sorry I can't really help you much as this is just out of my area of expertise, but I can give you one peice of advice. First thing I'd do is ask him what he's willing to pay you. In real estate negoitiations, whoever makes the first offer is often the loser. However beyond the above advice you clearly need to find out what a fair price is and I just don't know how to do this. Maybe you could ask other people in the area (even if they own the place) and someone will know a fair price; but its going to be really hard to figure this out based on estimates of crop yield, etc. I'm sure there is someone in your area who knows this and is willing to talk to you about it, so ask around. Also, you could simply google "fair market price to rent out farmland" and there is possibly info online somewhere to give you a general formula for this. Anyhow, best luck.

How to force a landlord to evict you?

I am trying to get out of my lease early. I live in Washington state. I am uncertain when the lease is up. Should be up in January 2013.

Just pack up your stuff and move out in the middle of the night. He will soon figure out that you are gone. Then, he'll try to track you down, but if you are smart, you won't leave a trail for him to follow. Then, get on with your live in a new place. But, if he knows where you work or who your friends and family are, he will start contacting them. It's risky, but how bad do you want out of the lease?

How to make employment history good for home loan?

I returned from afghanistan dec 2010, went back to work to my old job, got a new job in may 2011, quit that job in nov, and went back to my old job. I'm trying to get a VA home loan but I am concerned my employment history isn't good enough. Should I lie, or stretch the truth a bit?

You can't lie... it's fraud, and we verify with all of the past 2 years employers. However, as long as you have been continually employed it's not a problem that you have changed jobs as long as your income qualifies. Go for a VA loan if you are a veteran.

How to write a 60 day notice to vacate my apartment?

I am going to break my lease 5 months early, and am required to give 60 days written notice or at least thats what my lease says.

you simply write a letter stating that you will be leaving the unit early and put the date that you will move. The lease probably means when you plan to leave AT THE END OF YOUR LEASE. Expect the landlord to require you to pay for an early release from that lease. Legally you are obligated to pay the rent until the end of the lease even if you don't live there. Be prepared to try to work out a deal with the landlord, and be prepared to pay at least part of the rent money you owe for those 5 months.

How to buy a home without having to pay closing costs?

First time home buyer, My bank will not cover closing cost in mortgage. Whats my options? Any experience in this?

Ask the seller to pay them out of the proceeds.

How to find a landlord that would accept DSS, and provide internet?

I am in need of a place that accepts DSS and provides internet, since I take online college courses. How would I best find a place?
Most libraries here limit the amount of time you can use their internet to an hour, and I spend more than an hour a day on my schoolwork. I could offer to pay for my own internet service, since I do currently receive SSI.

It is rare for a landlord to supply internet. That is your responsibility.

How to avoid scams when looking for student housing?

As an international student I cannot do viewings of the house, I am just going to fly directly there after the deposits and everything are settled. Therefore I wanted to know what things I should take notes of, to avoid being scammed?? Could someone possibly list some important factors that should be considered whilst signing contracts, wiring money etc?

Go through an estate agent is the best way and he will deal with everything for you.

How to start in a housing industry by not going to college?

I only have 2 years of college. I stopped because I am broke. I work as a cashier and I realized that why would I take loans from a college, if I could just go get experience from somebody who builds houses? I live in California. I know houses here are very expensive but how can a young person like me get internships or training?

You apply to all construction companies as a go fer (trainee)

How to have a successful open house for an apartment community?

I need ideas, I have to pull off an AMAZING open house for an apartment complex!


Snacks such as crackers and cheese and punch. Advertise in a local paper.

How to determine closing costs on a mobile home?

I am planning to purchase a mobile home in a development within the next 6 months or so...I plan on paying for it in full...What would the closing costs approximately be? Also, what other costs are there? I haven't purchased a home in a long time, and am currently renting...I live in Adams county,PA...The mobile homes I am looking at are currently $25,000..Thanx everyone..

If it's in a development, you will not be buying land so there will be no title insurance, deeds, document filing fees, etc that are normal with regular housing. Mobile homes have titles like cars and boats. You will have to pay sales tax (probably), title transfer fees and personal property tax on the home. There may be a commission payable to the realtor. Every mobile home community is different and the cost depends on where you are. Go to a mobile home community sales office and ask them.

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