How to get rid of the rattling sunroof on my renault clio?


Bascailly i'm 17 and i've just brought my first car which is a 52 reg 1.2 clio, and i know that they have a rattling sun roof as its a common fault, i was just wandering if there was any way of fixing it?

You may not stop it completely but you can remove the sun roof and pull off the rubber seal and give it a good clean. when you replace it make sure it is 180 Deg opposite to when you took it off. It's only a push fit. The glass it quite easy to remove. look at the release handle, there is a little red catch which allows the clamp to be released, Bit of a fiddle but not hard, tilt the glass forward and lift out. To replace is just the reverse. Treat the rubber with a light oil and wipe it clean, and grease the two hook hinges at the front. I think you will find a big improvement. These rattles can be very annoying.

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