How to tell religious parents that you converted to a different religion?

I am a taoist, and my parents are a different religion than me, but I just don't know how to tell them.

No reason to tell them. Do, be, and show them. Taoism doesn't need to be overt---it just IS. Remember the Tao is in all organized religions, without itself being a religion. It IS and all you need do is BE.

How to have a deeper understanding of philosophy?

A man walks into the store to pick up something for his wife. But, the store holds nothing but nuts and bolts.

What do you think this means?


How to get my school to believe that I am religious?

I have always grown up in a family that is open to religion. I have decided to go down the route of believing in some of the Nordic Gods, particularly Thor.

My school has a no jewellery policy, but I want to wear a Thor's hammer round my neck. How can I convince the school to let me?

Claim you are deeply offended if they don't let you.

How to know if your an Athiest and how to break it to your religous family members?

I think I may be Athiest... But I don't reject god, I just choose not to follow a religion... Am I? And if I am how am I supposed to tell my family, where my dads side is Jewish, my mums side is Mormon... :/ I know they would never approve because they think it's complete Bull.
I used to say that, but now people are telling me there is no such thing as being Agnostic, and that I am athiest!

Tell them you are agnostic, they won't feel threatened as much.

How to save a life by the fray depressing>?

How to save a life depressing makes me feel sosad :/ fvck you to all the @assholes on youtube. How about you guyz like this song>?

How to Save a Life is about a young teen the singer met at a camp one year whom was going through some very difficult times. The song expresses the ultimatum that was constantly being given to this teen about his life when what he really needed was someone who could help him. It is, literally, about how no one knew how to save his life. I don't really know what your statement regarding youtube is about, but that aside, yes, I do like this song. I think it is a very meaningful, heartfelt song, that makes most people stop and think and really listen to it. It's one of those songs that means something to most everyone who hears it. But, based on what it's about, it most certainly can be depressing.

How to astral project all the information needed for a complete beginer by projectors?

Need tips such as the stages and how to transition from each I've never done dmt but I have felt minor head vibrations also mental tips on letting go and good settings. Also please point me in the way of good material such as a background checklist.....chakras, resonance, mind set, entity awareness and conciousness control. Thanks

It's simple but it leads to demon possession. So, don't do it. Apocalypse is happening already. God gives people names during baptism. The devil wants to give people anti-names (a bunch of numbers like in a bar-coded identification card). Be prepared to die for faith. 80 foot (25 meter) dinosaurs (man-eaters) will come out through sinkholes and lakes. To kill these dinosaurs, go for their nerves. Use of contraceptives is an early abortion. Aborted babies go to hell for 33.5 years. Abortion needs to be banned. God is 100% light. In Him there is no darkness. God is one. God = Most Holy Trinity. Jesus is 100% God and 100% man. Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father only. Christ preached in hell. Those who believed, got out of hell. Church prays for the dead because hell is not permanent before God's Final Judgement. After God's Final Judgement, hell is permanent. Church prays to saints and angels so that they beseech God on our behalf. Physical objects (icons and remains of the saints) are a way God wants people to be healed with. Jesus healed a blind man with mud (physical object). There is no purgatory, but there are 20 ordeals after death (from 9th until 40th day after death). The only Biblical Church is the Orthodox Church. WW3 will happen soon. America and Israel will attack Iran. Russia will be forced to attack Georgia and Turkey. 90% of American population will die. China will attack Russia. NATO will fight Russia. Russia will go to Egypt. Greeks will fight Chinese. Angels will help Greeks. Demons fly in UFOs. "Healthy" zombies are those who go into UFOs to be healed by demons. There are no aliens or ghosts or pagan deities, only demons who pretend to be aliens, ghosts, and pagan deities (all demons are male). Antichrist is born to a Jewish generational prostitute. Antichrist is possessed by Satan since he's 12 years old. He's surrounded by demons who appear as angels of light. Antichrist resembles "Billy" from "Saw" movie. He is very pale, has red eyes, and wears gloves. During coronation of antichrist in Jerusalem, Jews will see that the antichrist has long animal-like nails. This will be made public among the Jews. That's why many of them will reject the antichrist's mark (666 tattoo by lasers). Antichrist will rule from 3rd temple in Jerusalem (Omar Mosque stands there currently). Antichrist's mark is 666 tattoo by lasers given when people stretch hands to receive the evil plastic card (small grey world passport or similar document). There is no rapture to escape the evil flying Jew and his 666 tattoo by lasers. Food stores and Police will laser people too. Reject new documents, chips, tattoos, and non-Biblical teachings. Go hide in a village with 7-15 people per house to escape getting chipped and lasered.

How to write a drama about Jesus changing the world for the better?

My school has a drama about changing the world with Jesus since the drama is around Christmas.
If my teacher likes your answer, I will give you the 10 points.

Give him a cape and let him fly around the world giving life-saving vaccinations to children.

How to really waterbend and what I need to do?

Do NOT say it is not real it is I truely beleive in it and i know its really real. so what i want to know is can i practice? i need to meditate? can i really concintrate? long does it take to master it? 5. ect. any thing you know would be great info! ill report u if u say mean things about me or any rude comments and im sorry if my spelling is bad. thank you so much in advance!


How to wear a kippah with a shaved head?

I've started losing my hair lately and I decided to say screw it and just shave my head. Well I always wear my kippah and I've always used clips to keep it on top of my head. Now that I have no hair I don't how to keep it from falling off? Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there kippah tape? Should I get a bigger kippah? Any ideas would be really helpful!

You can buy double sticky tape that you can put on the very inside of the kippah, that will hold it tight, no slippage, and it won't stick to the crown of your head. Look in the picture framing section of any craft store, tell the framer you're looking for ATG tape, they'll know exactly what you're looking for. Shalom

How to stop the noise pollution that happens during Ganpati immersion?

Hindus take the noise pollution to an extreme level during this festival which causes real damage to property and lives. They don't care about others who are not involved in their celebration of immersing their deity idols.

Why is it so? How can educated people (including Hindus) stop this diabolic (albeit idiotic) practice?
billion people?? Where?? Do you have the sense to know what noise pollution is and a non-psychopathic mind to realize how it disturbs other people?
It isn't really over and will not be getting over if we remain silent.

Pakistan chale jao wahan koi paresan nai karega aur kaan mein patti bandh lo. Lol.

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