How to send a music demo to a record label?

Ok I'm planning on ping to the studio to record a few songs-a demo cd. Now the problem is labels usually want them emailed so I can't email a cd. Help?

So rip them to mp3, attach to email.

How to get good effects for cheer music?

I'm making a cheer mix for a friend. I'm not gay or anything. I need to get good effects on the music because I listened to other cheer music and they have a lot of effects and for free. I already have audacity and other programs to put it all together. I just need free effects. Help!

If you have a mac garage band is great!

How to become a professional music producer?

I want to work for a label, i don't wanna be those people in their basements making beats on a laptop in fl studio calling themselves producers. I actually want to be in the music industry how can i do that?

Well you would want to go to a musical school. To get your education and everything. You need a good record to get into good things like that. You can also look online for music schools. And colleges. Hope this helps.

How to download music from beemp3 to windows media player?

I have used the download link and tried to copy the link into my browser and right click it but there is no option to save it. How to I download music from beemp3 to windows media player? If I enter the link it will play it but will not save it.
How do I save it to my desktop?

Go to beemp3. Search for your song. Click the song you would like. On it loads there will be a Place to put in a random generate code so they know your a human. Then press download. Save it to your desktop. Then open windows media player and drag the file ,you just downloaded, in windows media player. I really hope this helps.

How to make a mix of your songs the way you want it?

I want to find out how i can make a remix of my songs together, they way i want it, where songs start and end and how they mix into other music. And possibly be able to download it to my itunes or to another site where i can put my song on it. Any ideas?


How to get music from music websites on itunes?

I want to get music onto itunes and apparently you can put music on itunes from music websites , what music websites can you download to itunes?

You type in google free mp3 download (the song you want) download it then go to iTunes after the file is downloaded then put the file onto iTunes

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